#LoveHacks, Book 2 is the second and final book of the #LoveHacks series. It succeeds its first book, #LoveHacks, Book 1.


After quitting your job, you and your friends face new challenges in work, life, and ESPECIALLY love.


Chapter 1: What Happens Next Will Shock You

After quitting your job, you and your friends face new challenges in work, life, and especially love.

Chapter 2: The Hot New Company Everyone Is Talking About

It's a fresh start for everyone as the gang adjusts to new jobs, new businesses, and new... video games?

Chapter 3: These Cosplays Are Better Than The Real Thing

You and Ben take on Hero Con, and love is in the air for one of your friends...

Chapter 4: 4 Things Cowboys And Bartenders Have In Common

You and Leah meet with an important business investor...but wil you need to sell out to seal the deal?

Chapter 5: 5 Party Hacks All Millennials Should Know!

Your friends throw a surprise party at an unexpected venue... and with an unexpected guest!

Chapter 6: The 6 Best Spots For A Guy's Night Out!

You and Leah officially open your office for business, while Keo goes on a date... with the guys?

Chapter 7: 7 Things That Happened (and Stayed) in Vegas

You and your frieds head to Las Vegas for Brooke's elopement... but will Keo's secret crash the wedding?

Chapter 8: 8 More Things That Happened in Vegas

Can the guys survive a bachelor party with Keo?

Chapter 9: Forget Everything You Know About Weddings

It's Brooke's big day! But can you and your friends reconcile with her?

Chapter 10: 10 Suprising Foosball Tips

Leah faces someone from her past as Mark teams up with an unexpected partner.

Chapter 11: 11 Signs You Grew Up With An Older Sibling

You and Leah head to LA, while Mark deals with an unexpected, and unwanted, guest.

Chapter 12: 12 Things You Wish You Could Forget About Last Night

Cole wakes up with a tattoo and a missing phone... What exactly happened last night?!

Chapter 13: 13 Times Burning Sands Was Lit

The gang is headed to Burning Sands! But will someone's relationship go up in smoke?

Chapter 14: The 14 Job Offers Millennials Get

You and Mark head to Seattle while Camilla makes Leah a very tempting offer...

Chapter 15: 15 Tips For When Family And Work Collide

After a big fight, Mark's relationship with Isaac is rockier than ever! Will adivce from an unexpected source help them sort things out?

Chapter 16: 16 Things Teens Don't Want You To Know

Ben, Leah and Horatio come to crossroads in their careers... But will a visit from Leah's little sister shake things up?

Chapter 17: So Your Roomie's Moving Out... Now What?

You and your friends take a trip down memory lane during Brooke's moving out party... but is every memory as rosy as it seems?

Chapter 18: This Series Finale Will Have You Shook

#LoveHacks concludes with the climatic Blackbourne Gala... but who will you choose to spend your happily ever after with?


  • This book features fewer cameo appearances of characters from other Choices series than in #LoveHacks, Book 1. They include:
  • Just like #LoveHacks, Book 1, the chapter titles' continue to mimic typical "Buzzfeed" clickbait article titles, all the while describing the plot of the chapter.
    • Similar to Book 1 as well, most chapters have listicle names where the number of items in the list matches its respective chapter number, these being Chapters 4-8, and Chapters 10-16.
  • Unlike Book 1, #LoveHacks, Book 2 was released on Fridays instead of Wednesdays.
  • In Chapter 12, if Cole decides to unleash the panther or try to sneak into the panther's cage, it will kill him. It is then followed by a disclaimer stating that it's too dark and that the book was supposed to be a comedy.
  • Your character and Leah's startup business is indirectly mentioned by Blaire Hall in Rules of Engagement: Newlyweds, Chapter 3, and in an email from Bruce Faris to his sister, Ashley, in High School Story, Book 2, Chapter 11.
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