Leah, a character in the #LoveHacks series, is a writer and a potential love interest. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 9.


Leah has brown eyes, short, curly, dark brown hair and dark skin. She wears a grey blazer over a spring green blouse.


Leah has a very laid-back personality. She was described as "clever, talented, and [doesn't] take crap" by the MC. Even with her calm exterior, Leah was psychologically abused by her ex-girlfriend, Camilla.



Leah is Andi's elder sister and legal guardian.


Camilla is Leah's ex-girlfriend. Camilla psychologically abused Leah when they were dating.

Your Character

She is one of your character's love interests. Your character and Leah started a lifestyle blog together. You can choose to be official with her in Book 2, Chapter 18.

Other Looks


  • Leah is shown on the cover of #LoveHacks, Book 2.
  • She previously worked as a film critic at FilmBuzz.
  • Leah originally wanted to be a screenwriter in LA.