Baby Kraken, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is a Kraken captured by Hex from the Wolf's mouth. He is first seen as Baby Kraken in Book 2, Chapter 10. If the player decides to rescue him, his mother will fight the Nevrakis soldiers. Val affectionately calls the baby kraken Bubbles.


Bubbles has blue/purple skin and large eyes. Unsurprisingly for a baby, his head and mantle are large in comparison to his arms, which are all rather small.


Bubbles is relatively friendly and affectionate. He was rather timid while captured, but was happy to be rescued, and would often extend his arms out of his jar to grasp the fingers of whatever friendly human was handling it.



As his rescuer, Bubbles grew rather attached to Val in the few days they spent together. When Val decided to release Bubbles, as she didn't know what would happen to him in the event the Stormholt forces lost the battle, Bubbles was extremely reluctant to leave. He made a surprise appearance during the subsequent battle however, having managed to get his mother to join the battle to devastating effect.


  • He makes a cameo in Book 2, Chapter 15 of The Royal Romance as a necklace that Maxwell wears in his casual look during the gang's outing to Coney Island.