King Crab, a character in the Endless Summer series, is a giant crab and the Shore Guardian of La Huerta. Like most of the strange animals found on La Huerta, the King Crab is likely either from another time when gigantic arthropods roamed the earth, or has been mutated by La Huerta's environment. It is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 8.


The crab has a mottled red shell and its eight eyes are coal black. It has black pincers and a soft white underside.


Armored Shell

Most of the King Crab's body is covered in an incredibly thick armored shell, the shell is strong enough to not get affected by Estela's spear attacks, the shell is not indestructible, as it can be pierced by amber-like arrows and it can be destroyed by getting crushed with a boulder.



The Vaanti revere the King Crab as the Shore Guardian of La Huerta and treat it with cautious reverence. They were furious to hear of the creature's demise at the hands of the Twelve Catalysts.


  • In Book 1, Chapter 6, if Your Character enters the correct passcode into the computer, they will experience a weird transition through other worlds where the narrator takes on the form of the King Crab.
  • If you unlock the clue of the Endless's musings in Book 3, Chapter 10, it is revealed that , the King Crab was brought to La Huerta, along with the other guardians, to maintain order. However, at some point, the creature lost its sanity and became hostile and aggressive.
  • In an alternate timeline, the King crab is alive and is seen riding in a taco truck with Jake and Mike. Jake called it Sebastian, a reference to The Little Mermaid.