Kiara, a character in The Royal Romance series, is one of the Prince's suitors. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3.


Kiara has long black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. She wears a black sleeveless dress.


Kiara is the daughter of a diplomat and is fluent in 10 languages. She usually speaks in English and French.


Your Character

Kiara can be an ally of Your Character if you convinced her.


It is hinted that she finds Drake attractive in Book 2, Chapter 3. She flirts with him when building the barn and on Queen Regina's tea party. If Drake is your fiance, she shows a wistful look when being told about the engagement, probably meaning she had feelings for Drake.


It is revealed in Book 2, Chapter 4 that Kiara was teaching Savannah French, much to Drake's surprise. It is also further revealed that the two were friendly with one another at court.

Hakim & Joelle

Hakim and Joelle are Kiara's parents.


Ezekiel is Kiara's older brother.


Other Looks


  • She is bad at ice skating.
  • In Book 2, she seemed to have an interest for Drake.
  • In Book 3, Chapter 1, it is mentioned that she was stabbed by one of the assassins but is still alive.
  • If your love interest is Drake, she shows an unpleasant reaction at first when listening about your engagement, probably because she was interested in him.