It's just... you know... I'm so lonely out here.
— Kate's feelings about Birchport[1]

Kate O'Malley, a character in the Veil of Secrets book, is your character's best friend from college and Flynn's sister. She is the fiancee of Tanner Sterling, though the relationship is tumultuous due to both Tanner's family and her brother not approving of it. Her disappearance at the end of the first chapter spurs the book's events into motion. She makes her first appearance in Chapter 1.


Kate has long red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She is described as wearing a white and green floral dress and a pink leather jacket.


Kate is enthusiastic, upbeat and friendly, and is overjoyed when she is reunited with Your Character. She is shown to be rather chipper.


Kate and Your Character reunite in the first chapter, a day before the wedding between Kate and her fiancee Tanner. On this day, the player spends some time with Kate on her last night as a bachelorette - this is in the mansion itself, or in an upscale restaraunt should the player spend the diamonds. In either case, Kate gets increasingly intoxicated; Tanner suddenly storms in, angry at Kate for putting herself at risk of hangover on the day of her wedding, and drags her away by the arm. As she is dragged away, she subtly hands Your Character a note only reading "Ulysses", baffling Your Character.

The next morning, as Kate is supposed to exit the dressing room and walk down the aisle, she has gone missing. In the second chapter, her wedding veil is found left behind in the woods surrounding the mansion, near some tire tracks; this causes Your Character to believe she was kidnapped.

In the fourth chapter, Flynn and Your Character head to Kate's apartment in town to investigate for clues. During this time, there is a flashback to how Kate and Your Character first met - her and you were roommates seven years ago at Hartfeld University. During the investigation, in a premium choice, Flynn and Your Character discover that someone was spying on her, as a teddy bear with a spy camera secretly installed is in her bedroom. They also discover a diary Kate kept - an entry dated a few days ago reveals that she was suspecting Tanner of infidelity where she suspects Tanner was cheating on her. She planned to go to his yacht to investigate. Interestingly, Tanner's yacht was named "Ulysses" - this is not only what Kate wrote in her note, but it is also the name of a mythological creature who cheated on his wife. Her suspicions are proven correct in the fifth chapter, as it is revealed here that Tanner was having an affair with Scarlett Emerson, Kate's own maid of honor. In this chapter, Chief Tommy Walsh puts out an APB on Kate, believing her to be guilty of Tanner's murder suspecting that she was enraged at Tanner's infidelity. This infuriates Your Character and Flynn as they believe she is a victim.

In the seventh chapter, Kate is found alive, albeit drugged and badly disoriented, in the basement of a cabin in Crescent Lake in the woods.

Kate is then transported to the hospital where MC, Flynn and Naomi go see her while she still sleeping has the doctor talk to them, of course when Naomi interogated Kate about her kidnapping, she said that she saw a man , but doesn't see his face because he was wearing a mask, but that she has stabbed him in self-defense, has MC stay with her she tell him that she does have cheating on Tanner with a man and then with a woman and a other man, because she was in rocky relationship with Tanner wich MC understand. Then later when she has weaking up again MC and Grant bring her some flower to make feel better and happy wich she was, unfortunately the happiness will be interupted because while Naomi tried to stop Walsh and tell him that Kate needed rest, Tommy Walsh then said that she will rest in a cell.Walsh then accused Kate to kill her fiancé wich MC will tell her that Tanner is dead, Kate will then cry over the loss of her fiancé has MC tried to comfort her, unfortunately Walsh will not believe her tears stated that she faking her tears and making a scene and will stated that her kidnapping was staged too, Kate will then be arrested by Jeff Duffy and Tommy Walsh who show no remorse and refuse to listen to Naomi , MC and Grant throwing them out of Kate's room.


Flynn O'Malley

Flynn is her brother. It's been explained that they weren't as close after Flynn got out of prison, but they did get beers from time to time. Flynn used to read to her when they were children, and Flynn was the only immediate family member of Kate's to attend the wedding. He was extremely concerned when she disappeared and became Your Characters partner during their private investigation into her disappearance. Flynn gets visibly angry when he discovers things during the investigation that suggest that harm was done to Kate; he was enraged to discover Kate suspecting Tanner of cheating on her (announcing intent to harm Tanner before discovering he had died), and was willing to physically attack and intimidate a man who demanded $1,000 for information on Kate's wherabouts.

Tanner Sterling

Tanner is her fiancé. His feelings about her disappearance are split, as he shows both concern and anger. She suspected Tanner was cheating on her.

Your Character

Your Character is her best friend. They were close back in college but lost touch upon graduation. They were also roommates at Hartfeld seven years ago. After she disappears, Your Character spends days searching for her when it becomes clear that Chief Walsh is corrupt and has no interest in solving the case.

Grant Emerson

Kate is friends with Grant, who was friends with Tanner.

Scarlett Emerson

Kate's maid of honor was Scarlett. However, as it turns out, Tanner was cheating on Kate with her.


Other Looks



  • Kate is shown on the cover of Veil of Secrets.
  • In Chapter 6, it is revealed that she worked summers at a dive bar called Shipwreck Sally's.
  • In response to a player via facebook messenger, they confirmed that as of now, Kate is not a love interest.


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