Kassidy, a character in The Junior series, is a student at Hartfeld and the Vice President of Alpha Theta Mu. She first appeared in Book 1Chapter 1.


Kassidy has brown eyes, brown shoulder-length hair and fair skin. She wears a red jacket over a blue seethrough shirt with white stars patterning it. 


Though first shown to be nice, she is manipulative as shown that she is a criminal.



She met Beau in one of her classes and started hanging out with the Alphas. It was revealed in Book 1, Chapter 10, that she was working for Beau when she sabotaged Zig, Becca and Kaitlyn. She was leveraged into doing it after Beau found out that she had paid other students to write essays for her. However, this was also revealed to be a ruse as she had known from the beginning about the plans Nathan Sterling had from the get-go.



  • In The Junior, Book 1, Chapter 2, it is revealed that she is a drummer. She was a drummer in a band called Foxcake. They disbanded when Kassidy was a freshman.
    • Consequently, Your Character introduces her to Kaitlyn and the rest of the band, which Kassidy later joins.
  • In the final chapter of The Junior, following her exposure by Your Character, Kassidy's parents made her pull out of Hartfeld, citing "emotional worries" or, if your character gathered enough evidence, she was arrested. It is also revealed that she is the one who smashed the instruments and hacked Zig's grades.