Who knows? But what I'm sayin''ve got friends there.
— Kailani[1]
Kailani Keawe is a character in The Crown & The Flame series. She is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 3.

Kailani becomes regent of Ebrimel after the revolt in Alriel, which she shares regency thereof with her brother Noa Keawe.


Some time before they met Kenna, Kailani and Noa plotted a rebellion that involved stealing from Florian Tartassis's mansion the garrrison's weapons locker key, the location of which Noa got from the maid. To do so, Noa hoisted Kailani up to a second-story window, while he later kept low in a dark alley. However, Kailani was caught and thrown out onto the street by Florian and his Nevrakis guards, who confronted her for theft. Feigning lack of food as reason for trespassing, Kailani did not convince Tartassis who rebutted that his workers were well-fed. Still injured from the fall, she was sentenced to twenty lashes as punishment.

Noa attempted to be the instigator, but Kailani chided him for "lying" to Tartassis, then ordered him to go home lest she kill him herself. She received her lashes, and Noa had to take her to the town doctor for stitches. He would spend the next few days taking care of her and working double shifts to let her rest, and although she would tell him she was fine, she would howl in agony every night, which would scar Noa forever and fuel his distaste for rebellion.


Kailani has short, black hair, light skin and grey eyes. She wears a yellow sleeveless top and a red rope necklace. Along with her brother Noa, she has a muscular build.


Kailani is a tough, brash, and candid woman, though nowhere as uncouth as Val. She was open to discussion and had a level-headed way of thinking: whereas Noa had an outburst at Kenna's suggestion of rebellion, she defended the Stormholt queen and kept herself calm.

Kailani has a strong resolve, not faltering against the Nevrakis unlike her brother, who showed hesitation. She does not let a bad experience hinder her, and is willing to face the consequences of her actions. Coupled with this is her transparency: she did not hide her hatred for Florian and immediately supported the rebellion. She is also a rough fighter and a skilled craftswoman who shows great pride in her creations.

It can be implied that Kailani is a charismatic woman, as she was confident enough to tell Kenna that she (Kailani) will be ruling Panrion after Florian Tartassis is ousted, stating that Panrion's leader is determined via popular vote, which apparently held true in Book 3, when she became regent of Ebrimel with or without Noa.


Noa Keawe

Noa is her brother who, despite their size difference, is younger by thirteen minutes. She shows disgust at his lack of courage in revolting against Florian, and, if the player doesn't bring him with the group, calls him a coward for it. She does not agree with his disdain for rebellion caused by one failed uprising which gave her suffering for days.

However, she nonetheless loves her brother, who reciprocates the feelings. She affectionately calls him "big oaf", and expressed a desire to fight alongside him again.


  • Kailani's personality is similar to Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


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