Julian, a character in the High School Story series, is a student at Oliver M. Berry High School. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Julian has dark brown eyes, brown hair, and tanned skin. He wears a grey jacket over a black T-shirt.




Autumn is Julian's ex-girlfriend. They split up with a year prior to the game's timeline. The two are on talking terms, though while he shows to still have feelings for Autumn, it is unclear how she feels about him. They share an awkward kiss in the final chapter of Book 2. In an option in Book 3, Chapter 4, you can get Autumn to dance with him.

Your Character

You and Julian have an easygoing friendship in Book 1, but can be closer if your character chooses to play football alongside him. In Book 2, if you choose to do basketball, the friendship grows stronger. In Book 2, Chapter 14 you and Julian kiss in a game of spin the bottle. Both of you remark how neither is such a bad kisser.


Bethany finds him "cute" and openly flirts with him in the cafeteria in Book 3, Chapter 2. She is later disappointed when she hears that he has a thing for Autumn, but later moves on.

Other Looks


  • Julian is one of the few characters that originate from Pixelberry's High School Story app.
  • In the original High School Story app, he has a sister named Hope, but she has yet to be mentioned (or appear) in any of the books.
  • Many members of the fandom have been wanting for Julian to become a love interest.
    • However, this probably will not happen due to the love triangle between him, Wes, and Autumn.
  • He was originally at Hearst High, before the series.
  • In Spanish, "Castillo" translates to "Castle."
  • He has a football scholarship to Ohio State, once again becoming rivals with Max.