You dare come before the Empress, who shines brightest, so armed? Are your five so-called 'kingdoms' led by uncouth savages?!
— Jorrin[1]
Jorrin Kal, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is Azura's champion. He is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 1.


Jorrin has half shaved, medium-length black hair which he combs to one side, black eyes, and tan skin. He wears white and silver robes and carries a spear with a white tassel near the head, which he claims keeps the blood of his enemies off his hands.


Jorrin is fiercely devoted to Azura, where anyone who insults her or even speaks out of turn will receive his quick anger. This devotion was strong enough for him to be saddened by Azura's intervention with his winning blow on Leon, which would have made Jorrin the champion and his soul forfeit to the Empress, as per tradition.

Personally, Jorrin does not respond well to insults. He immediately lashes out at Leon when the latter taunted him, and at Val when she mocked both him and Azura. His opinion on foreigners is almost like Leon's on the Iron Empire: he is wary of and hostile to inhabitants from the Five Kingdoms and regards them as 'realm rats', viewing them as inferior to those in Ducitora.


Empress Azura

He is Azura's champion. Like most of her subjects, he is obsequious to a fault where he was dismayed at not having his life drained by Azura after he defeated Leon (should the player choose to lose). He is also very protective of her, hesitating to leave her side even after being ordered to do so.

However, during Azura's invasion of Stormholt, he becomes increasingly worried when the empress starts casually absorbing multiple soldiers' lives, stating that she has collected enough power. During Kenna's duel with Azura, he starts having doubts about serving under her, hesitating to surrender his life to the empress and rejuvenate her after she was bested by Kenna, and finally abandoning her at Lia's persuasion.


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