Jonathan, a character in The Haunting of Braidwood Manor book, is your character's brother. He is first seen in Chapter 1.


Jonathan only appears as a corpse in Your Character's nightmares. He has long black hair, severe burns across his chest, and is missing flesh from the left half of his face.


In Your Character's nightmares, Jonathan is an angry spirit who unfairly blames her for his death and attempts to kill his sister in retaliation.

In the end, Jonathan forgives Your Character and even defends her from Rose Waverley. After hearing her confession, he's finally able to pass on.


Your Character

Jonathan is Your Character's brother. It is unknown what their relationship was like when he was still alive. In the young girl's nightmares, he blames her for his death.

Before his death, he wrote a letter Your Character about wanting to end his life on purpose. He had felt hopeless. It was revealed that Your Character burned the letter he had sent her and not told a single living soul about the real reason for his death. Because of this, he called her a liar.

By Chapter 6, Jonathan was able to forgive Your Character and saves her from Rose Waverley.