Jamie Brooks, a character in the Most Wanted series, is a Hollywood agent. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3.


Jamie has spiky, black hair and stubble. He wears a grey suit with a pocket handkerchief.


Jamie is a Hollywood Agent who sponsored Hayley Tull aka Hayley Rose as a Pop Singer. He is also guilty of embezzlement with an unseen banker named Edgar.


Hayley Rose

Hayley was one of Jamie's clients. After watching her perform at an open mic, he signed her as his client and paved her way to stardom under the false persona of 'Hayley Rose'. Once she became a renowned pop star he embezzled money from her, resulting in him being targeted by John Tull. His work with Alyssa Griffin to help her transition from acting to music may have sparked some jealousy and possessiveness.

Alyssa Griffin

Seeing Alyssa's potential, Jamie approached her and is helping her make the transition from acting to singing.

John Tull

After learning that Jamie was helping Alyssa progress to a singing career, Jamie became one of John Tull's target. Tull had attached a bomb to Jamie's car however was unsuccessful in killing him as a result of Dave Reyes and Samantha Massey's intervention.


  • Pixelberry gave him the same face, eye color, and skin color as Joaquin, another character in Most Wanted, and Martin, a character in the #LoveHacks series. His character model is also used in The Royal Romance series as your character's manager at the restaurant she was working at in Book 1.
  • He bears a resemblance to actor Max Greenfield.
  • His crime is embezzelement.