Jade, a character from the High School Story series, is a student at Hearst High. She temporarily moved to Berry High School in Book 3. She is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 2.


Jade has brown eyes, curly dark brown hair in a ponytail and tanned skin. She wears a red and black shirt underneath a white striped black jacket.


Unlike some of her schoolmates, Jade is friendly towards Berry students, including your character and their friends. At the same time, however, she is still loyal to her school, even falsely accusing your character of sabotaging tryouts if you're also in the baseball team. Nevertheless, she quickly encourages Berry and Hearst students from the baseball team to a bonfire night, signaling her desire for reconciliation.

She is highly enthusiastic of sports, especially baseball, hence the reason she joins the baseball team. Her love of sports also helps her bond with Caleb if he's still single. Sometimes, she feels concerned that her tomboyish nature prevents her from getting along with other boys who think she's not being feminine.

In terms of clothing preferences, she favors simplicity, hence her decision to wear a simple green dress to prom.


Your Character

Jade initially had a good relationship with you, but after you were wrongly accused of sabotaging Tryouts, she will act distant towards you, but after proving your innocence, she forgives you.


She is an alternate love interest for Caleb if you're not dating the latter. In Book 3, Chapter 3, a premium option allows you to invite her to his and Ezra's party and improve her relationship with him. Another premium option, this time in Chapter 8, allows you to send Caleb to a baseball game with Jade and improve their relationship together.

Other Looks


  • On Friday March 2, 2018, it was also mentioned that she will be a member of the baseball team. [1]