High School Story, Book 3 is the third book of the High School Story series. It succeeds its first two books, High School Story, Book 1 & High School Story, Book 2, and is followed by High School Story: Class Act, Book 1.


It's springtime at Berry High... and that means Prom is just around the corner! But why are there Hearst students in your homeroom?


Chapter 1: Up In Flames

It's springtime in Cedar Cove... a time for prom, new activities, but why are Hearst students now attending Berry High?

Chapter 2: Friends...or Foes?

Hearst students descend into Berry, and it's up to you to make the first impression...

Chapter 3: The Ones Who Got Away

Your father never thought he'd see Julia Mason again, but fate had other plans...

Chapter 4: Just Beachy

The Mitchells are throwing their annual beach party! A time for friends, food, and fun... until Hearst crashes.

Chapter 5: Prime Location

The hunt is on for the perfect prom venue, but will Kara and Zoe ever approve anything?

Chapter 6: What Goes Around

After a mysterious note appears in your locker...Is Hearst to blame? Or is someone else involved?

Chapter 7: Open Hearts and Open Mics

Emma is confident that her mother and your father make a perfect pair... but do they agree?

Chapter 8: Missing in Action

Tryout day has finally come! Will you rise to the challenge? Or crack under pressure?

Chapter 9: A Scandal at Berry High

You've been accused of sabotaging tryouts! Can you find the real culprit and clear your name before it's too late?

Chapter 10: True Colors

The fun-loving Tucker wouldn't frame you for sabotage... would he?

Chapter 11: Questions and Answers

Someone's asking you to prom! But will the promposal be everything you hoped?

Chapter 12: Mall For It

You and your friends hit the mall for some prom shopping! Can you snag the outfit of your dreams?

Chapter 13: Take Me Out

It's the biggest baseball game of the season! Can the Tigers and the Bulldogs band together to win a victory against Kepler?

Chapter 14: The Big Night

It's finally prom night! Will this be the evening of your dreams... or your nightmares?

Chapter 15: The Night is Young

Will you be the next prom king or queen? And who waits for you on the dance floor? One thing's for sure: tonight's a night you'll never forget.

Chapter 16: School's Out!

It's the last day of school! What's next for your friends and foes? Is it really goodbye to Berry High?


Sneak Peeks



Prom Themes


The song featured at the beginning of every chapter is "First Day" by Laura Shigihara and is available on iTunes and Google Play. It is the theme song of one of Pixelberry's other games, High School Story. Visit the soundtrack page for more soundtracks from Choices.


  • The book was confirmed in the final chapter of High School Story, Book 2.
  • The final scene in Book 2, Chapter 15 points out that the Book 3’s primary plot will be about the return of Brian to Berry High when Hearst High is shut down, as well as the arrival of Max, Kara and Zoe and how well your character and their friends deal with them.
  • On February 13, 2018 the first sneak peek revealing a new character by the name of Jade was unveiled. She is one of the many Hearst students attending Berry High.[1]
  • On February 21, 2018 it was announced that Book 3 will be released on Wednesday, February 28th. A first for the series since High School Story, Book 1 was released all at once on a Thursday and High School Story, Book 2 was released weekly on Fridays.[2]
    • Initially, in one of Pixelberry's "What's Next" blog, it had been previously reported that High School Story, Book 3 would be released in March 2018. [3]
  • It is the second time that Maria, Your Character and Michael appear in a book cover, but the first time all 3 appear together.
  • On Monday, February 26, 2018 a second sneak peek for the book was released and revealed a new outfit for Michael.[4]
  • On Friday, March 2, 2018 in an interview it was revealed that Cameron, one of the Hearst High students coming to Berry High, is going to be Choices' first non-binary character.[5]
    • In the same interview, there was said to be a carousel scene.
  • Two of the heroes from the superhero prom theme are Steel Dynamo and Scarlett Justice from one of Pixelberry's other games: Hollywood U.
  • On May 2, 2018 a tutorial message that appeared in Chapter 10 mentioned that having a poor relationship with Hearst will have major consequences down the lines. Thus hinting at least a Book 4.
  • In Chapter 1, if Your Character asks "This can't be worse than Isa, right?", Caleb will make references to Star Wars and Harry Potter by mentioning Emperor Palpatine and Voldemort.
  • In Chapter 2, Nishan's promposal includes the mention of foam swords modeled after The Crown & The Flame RPG.
  • In Chapter 3, Your Character's Dad makes a pun about The Hunger Games. And Cameron will mention the game Quidditch from Harry Potter.
  • In Chapter 4, Luis makes a reference to Batman when Myra calls Brian a joker and he asks, "Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill or Jack Nicholson?".
    • In the same chapter, there is another reference to the The Crown & The Flame series as you can build a sandcastle named Stormholt together with Caleb (premium scene).
    • Alternatively, if you date Michael and you ask him to kiss you, he will reply "As you wish" which is a reference to The Princess Bride (premium scene).
  • In Chapter 9, if you choose to scream a controversial video game opinion to get the players' attention, Your Character will say that the game Legend of Zelda is overrated.
  • At the end of Chapter 10, it is hinted at that Your Love Interest will be doing a promposal.
  • In Chapter 11, depending on who Your Character's significant other is, the Love Interests will ask you to Prom in various ways.
    • Michael's promposal in particular pays homage to the 1989 classic Say Anything... starring John Cusack.[6]
  • In Chapter 13, your dad makes a reference to the iconic 1976 American supernatural horror film Carrie, when he warns you to stay away from any and all buckets of pig's blood.[7]
  • In Chapter 15, whoever you're dating will confess their love to you.
  • You get to play matchmaker and set Autumn up with either Julian or Wes. 
  • Though in the story, the outfit that your LI wears is kept a secret from Your Character, if you are dating either Michael or Maria, the outfits they are wearing for prom are shown on the book's cover.
    • As a result, if you are dating either of them, the surprise has been spoiled from the beginning.
  • In Chapter 16, Kara makes a reference to Hollywood U; thus confirming its existence in the Choices universe.
  • At the end of Chapter 16, you are asked to name a new character. It was confirmed on June 13, 2018 via a response in a tweet that High School Story will continue with a new cast and story in the new school year.
    • However, your friends, classmates and previous main character from past books will appear as well! [8]
    • This hints at a possible soft reboot of the series. [9]
    • Which is subsequently confirmed on September 14, 2014, when the new name for the new book in the High School Story Series was revealed. [10]
  • If you choose "Go On a Cruise" in Chapter 16, you will say that your dad will have booked you guys a room on Ember of the Sea, the same boat in the Rules of Engagement series.
  • Limetown Studios designed the book covers of the High School Story series.[11] [12]


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