High School Story, Book 1 is the first book of the High School Story series. It is based on High School Story, another one of Pixelberry's games. It is followed by High School Story, Book 2


Welcome to high school! Will you study hard, or hardly study? Don't get too busy... Homecoming is right around the corner!


Chapter 1: The First Day

Welcome to high school! Will you study hard, or hardly study? Don't get too busy... Homecoming is right around the corner!

Chapter 2: Party Crashers

Brian's hosting his pool party and just about everyone's invited. Will you make a lasting impression? Or will it be a swimming disaster?

Chapter 3: The Brokenhearted

After Caleb runs off from the party, it's up to you and your new friends to track him down!

Chapter 4: Consequences

When a fight breaks out in the middle of homeroom, you and your friends find yourselves sent to the principal's office...

Chapter 5: Tryouts

Emma's worked up the courage to ask Caleb out, but is Caleb ready to date someone new?

Chapter 6: Practice Makes Perfect

With the first game of the season only a week away, there's no time for the team to waste!

Chapter 7: No 'I' in 'Team'

The first game of football season is against Statton School for the Humanities, so it should be an easy win... right?

Chapter 8: Tiger Spirit

With school spirit at an all time low, it's up to you plan the perfect pep rally.

Chapter 9: The Search

The search for the next Berry quarterback is on! Will the team find a replacement in time? Or be forced to face Hearst without one?

Chapter 10: To Catch a Culprit

Go on an investigation to catch the culprit who vandalized Ollie the Tiger! Who do you suspect?

Chapter 11: Berry's Seven

It's time for some revenge! Team up with your friends to sneak into Hearst and take their spirit stick!

Chapter 12: Rally Together

Someone has an important homecoming question to ask you! Will you say yes? Or ask someone else instead?

Chapter 13: Game Plan

It's the night of the big football game! Can you help lead the team to victory? Or will the team lose to Hearst High?

Chapter 14: Shall We Dance?

Grab your date and your dancing shoes, because the night of the homecoming dance as finally arrived!

Chapter 15: The Beginning

Will a surprise intruder ruin the homecoming dance?

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The song featured is "First Day" by Laura Shigihara and is available on iTunes and Google Play.


  • On September 5th, 2017, it was announced that a new high school themed book is in the works. [1]
  • This book is the only book to have all its chapters released at once after the initial three books. [2]
  • The story has the same name and is based on one of Pixelberry's other games: High School Story. Payton, Julian, Autumn, Mia, Ezra, Nishan, Koh, Kara, Max, Wes, and Sakura, who are characters in that game, make frequent appearances throughout the book.
    • The rival school, Hearst High, is also based on the rival school from the same game like the characters mentioned above. Max and Kara are also students at Hearst, another detail from the other game.
  • If you choose to play Lookout with the nerds in Chapter 6, there is a not so skilled player called KappaKutie12345. It's most likely that this is Madison from the Freshman/Sophomore series.
  • Pixelberry's Blog stated that this story takes place two years after the events of the High School Story app.
  • This is the second book where Your Character has a last name, the first being The Royal Romance.
  • In Chapter 9, if you choose to look under the tree, you will find an old gas mask. When you put it on, Your Character will ask "Mummy? Are you my mummy?", a reference to the "The Empty Child" an episode of the long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who.
  • The final scene of Book 1 is recycled and expanded into the opening chapter of Book 2.
  • On Thursday November 16, 2017 Pixelberry released the soundtracks for the book. [3]


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