So it's 'kneel or die', then. Such appealing options! But you know, I think I've got a better idea... Why don't you saunter back down to the docks, get on your ship, and take that boney white arse back where it came from?
— Hector[1]

King Hector Nevrakis is a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series. He is only seen in a flashback in Book 3, Chapter 11.


About fifty years before the start of the story, Hector was Azura's first visit in the Five Kingdoms for her offer of fealty. He strongly declined, and mentioned that he had already sent a fleet to destroy Marossi, marking the start of a war that would form the main plot for the novel.


Hector has graying hair and moustache, black eyes and tanned skin. He wears a black cloak and an iron crown.


Little is known of him, but based on Lia's flashback, Hector is seen as an unwavering and patriotic ruler who refused to surrender Abanthus nor pledge allegiance to Azura. His rather blunt and sarcastic declination eventually led to the decades-long war between Ducitora and the Five Kingdoms.



  • His look is composed of Bill Holton's previous appearance and parts of Luther’s design.
  • Diavolos's horse, Hector's Shadow, is named after him.
  • The name Hector (Εκτωρ) is Greek for 'holding fast'. In Greek legend Hector was one of the Trojan champions who fought the Greeks. 


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