Hayley Rose (aka Hayley Tull), a character in the "Most Wanted" series, is a famous singer. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3.


Hayley has long, light brown hair which is tied up in a pony tail. Her eyes are blue and her skin is light. She wears a white T-shirt and golden earrings.


Hayley is originally from Dent County, Missouri. When she was 18 years old her boyfriend cheated on her, so she stabbed him with a broken bottle. Her father John Tull took the fall for her, and when he was arrested she ran away to LA, where she met Jamie Brooks at an open mic, and he made her a pop star. When Gavin Routh leaked her childhood photos, she realized that people would start digging deep into her life, find out who her father was, and then eventually find out that she killed that boy in Missouri, and to protect her reputation she sent John Tull to kill Gavin as well as Jessica Greene.

Hayley, although she seems innocent enough, is actually a manipulative murderer who uses her pop-star act to cover up who she really is.


John Tull

John Tull is Hayley's father. Sam and Dave discover that when they sneak into his trailer at Green Palms Trailer Park. They find a whole shrine dedicated to her, with clippings from newspapers and a lot of pictures. They first think that he is simply obsessed with her, but when they fully listen to her song "Outlaw", which was in a CD player in Tull's trailer, they figure out that he took the fall for her and let her flee when she killed an 18-year-old boy back in Missouri.

Jamie Brooks

Jamie Brooks is Hayley's agent. He made her a star from nothing and gave her the name Hayley Rose. He embezzled from her, so Hayley sent Tull to kill him as well. He is also working with Alyssa Griffin to help her cross over to music, which might have sparked sone jealousy and possessiveness.


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