Hartfeld University is one of North America's most elite academic institutions. It is the primary setting of The Freshman series, The Sophomore series, The Junior series and The Senior series respectively. The main characters of The Haunting of Braidwood Manor and Endless Summer are also Hartfeld students, while several characters in #LoveHacks and Veil of Secrets are alumni of the college. In addition, Your Character from  The Elementalists series drops out from Hartfeld.

Hartfeld University may be specifically located in Massachusetts (in New England), Northbridge or somewhere near (although it was confirmed in The Freshman, Book 1, Chapter 17 that Hartfeld itself is a town). At first, many thought it was located in New York City, but that was proven to be untrue when James Ashton's parents, who live in New York City, visited James at Hartfeld. Gabriela Vasquez is from Greenfield, Massachusetts, and James mentioned it was an hour away from Hartfeld, so it can be inferred that Hartfeld University is either in Massachusetts or in Connecticut.

During the event in Endless Summer, Book 2, Chapter 14, it is revealed that Hartfeld was destroyed due to the events of Raan'losti and all the students and staff are presumed deceased.

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  • In High School Story, Book 1, Chapter 6, if you decide to go the LAN party with Nishan, Sakura, Luis and Myra, they will be playing a team called "Team Heartfelt"; which means that the team could be made up of students attending Hartfeld. Another idea that strengthens this, is that there are players called "KappaKutie12345" which appears to be Madison Eckhart and "Trippinator" which appears to be Tripp.
  • In The Junior, Book 1, it is revealed by Nathan Sterling that the west wing is named Regal Hall after a prominent Alpha Theta Mu family. One of its members is called Sam Regal.
    • The "Alphas" also funded the English building back then when his father and uncle were part of the fratority.
  • In Chapter 6 of The Elementalists, Your Character (The Elementalists) reveals to Aster that he/she met a yoga instructor during welcome week at Hartfeld.