Hana is a character in "The Royal Romance" series. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1. She is one of the suitors to Prince Liam, and also a potential love interest for the player character.


Hana has long brown hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin. Usually, she wears a pink gown.


Hana is a kind hearted girl and has a great personality.

She shows interest in the player character, but it is not clear whether she is bisexual or a lesbian.


As a child, Hana was pushed into doing many things by her family. She says that most of them she didn't enjoy, but that playing piano was a passion of hers. However, her parents also pushed her too much to perform for large crowd and, furious, she messed up a performance at a ball.


Your Character

When she first appeared in Chapter 1, Hana quickly complimented Your Character's looks.

Hana and Your Character first meet in a boutique where they're looking for a dress for the Masquerade Ball. Your Character accidentally sees Hana in her underwear. Depending on the player's choice, Hana is going to like what Your Character says. Being friends with Hana proves to be beneficial to Your Character.


Olivia bullies Hana often.

Other Looks

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