Grayson Prescott is a character in "Hero" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Grayson has blue eyes, blonde hair and fair skin. He wears a black blazer over a blue shirt.


Grayson is a humanitarian and Philantropist who disapproves of the way his father's business tactics will have a negative impact on the lower class of Northbridge.


Your Character

Your Character is Grayson's executive assistant and one of his closest friends. It is mentioned that you went to college together. In Chapter 1, you can almost kiss him at the gala. In Chapter 2, it's revealed that he is very into Your Character. Then in Chapter 3, you are able to attend dinner with him. He starts to confess his love for you but is interrupted by Shrapnel's attack.

Silas Prescott

Grayson is Silas Prescott's son. They have a strained relationship due to Grayson's disapproval of his father's ruthless business tactics.

Other Looks

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