Gavin Routh, a character in "Most Wanted" series, is a famous fashion blogger and the murder victim of John Tull. He made his first and only appearance in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Gavin has grey eyes and short, black hair which is slicked back. He wears a grey suit with a white shirt, blue tie and a grey checked pocket handkerchief.


Prior to his death, he was shown to be immoral and selfish. He would have people steal sensitive information about Hollywood's celebrities and use it to advance his own fame. Because of this, as stated by Dave Reyes, he had a lot of enemies.


Jessica Greene

Jessica was a hacker that stole sensitive information about Hollywood's Celebrities and sold it to Gavin. They had a falling out after he refused to pay her, which led the L.A.P.D. to believe she hired John Tull to kill him.


  • Pixelberry gave him the same look as Antoine Pierce, a character in "Rules of Engagement" series.
  • He originally looked like Logan Mills, another character in "Most Wanted" series.

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