"An ant alone is nothing; an army of ants under the command of one queen, that is another thing entirely."
—Gabriel Amarne to Kenna Rys
Gabriel Amarne, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is Kenna's bodyguard. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Gabriel is an old man with gray hair and full beard. He has blue eyes and fair skin, and wears the standard Stormholt soldier garb consisting of silver armor, with the addition of a blue cape.


Being Kenna's Crown Guardian and advisor, Gabriel is very intelligent and wise. He is loyal and kind to Queen Adriana and Kenna, and views Kenna as a daughter. He is quite aware of his overprotectiveness, and he is very hesitant to leave Kenna's side, seen when he was injured in Aurelia.

Gabriel is fiercely protective of Kenna, constantly worrying over her during their exile. He refuses to part from her side, and will gladly take on opponents on behalf of her queen, even if it costs him his life. He is also very supportive of her, giving advice and comfort throughout their journey to reclaim Stormholt.

He is also respectful to opponents who display honor in battle.


Kenna Rys

Gabriel is Kenna's bodyguard and mentor. While Kenna was a child, Gabriel filled in the parental gap left behind by her dead father and busy mother. He would comfort her when she feels distraught, and raised her with loving discipline, seen when she scolded her for repeating Leon's cursing. She also considered him as a father figure and was distraught when Helene killed him. She can give a final goodbye to him if she decided to visit the spirit world (Diamond).

Dominic Hunter

Gabriel sees Dom as nothing more than Kenna's childhiid friend. He worries that Dom, being a commoner with a lowly background, would cause a lot of trouble in starting a relationship with Kenna, a royal. However, he does acknowledge that Kenna indeed loves him, and only wants to see her happy.

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