Fydoria is a location in The Crown & The Flame series. It is one of the the Five Kingdoms. It is home to King Amanth Drammir, Prince Tevan and Princess Aurynn. Compared to the other kingdoms, Fydoria is known for its visual extravagance and highly colorful culture.

The Crown & The Flame

Fydoria is a kingdom facing the coastline, north of Abanthus and west of Bellmere. Facing the Iron Empire, it is considered a weaker target than Abanthus for Ducitora, and was used as Azura's docking point for reaching land in the Five Kingdoms.

The Kingdom was initially ruled by King Amanth Drammir, but he was murdered by Nevrakis soldiers when King Luther Nevrakis conquered Stormholt at the beginning of the first book of The Crown and the Flame. Tevan rules Fydoria as king if he were saved; otherwise Aurynn rules as queen.

Its capital and seat of power is Ennan, known for its library full of books containing domestic and foreign folk tales and stories. Beside the library is a garden with a deep fountain in the middle.

Fydoria is the only kingdom out of the Five Kingdoms, that was never conquered by the Nevrakis Family.


  • Fydoria's castle and gardens share the same background as a temple in Istanbul, Turkey in Rules of Engagement, Book 3, Chapter 18.
  • Fydoria is Kenna's first ally whether or not Tevan is rescued, pledging 100 soldiers to avenge his death and double if he is saved.
  • King Luther always underestimated Fydoria and it's people, he considered them useless in a battle.