Fox is a character in "Endless Summer" series. It's first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3. In Chapter 6, you get the chance to name it. If you don't, Aleister calls the Fox, Furball.


Fox has bright purple eyes and blue fur that is white on his ears, tail, and stomach, with darker blue spots on his face, arms, body and tail.


Your Character

Fox scampers behind Your Character for protection when the Saber Toothed Tiger attacks. He seems sad if the Tiger wounds you. Quinn guesses that he likes him/her, which is shown to be true as he remains by your side the most and follows any and every demand you give him. They have a classic owner/pet relationship.

They part ways on a positive note in Book 2, Chapter 12.


Fox scares off the Sabertooth by using its frost powers.

Other Looks


  • He is shown on the cover of "Endless Summer, Book 1", but with a purple color. He is again shown on the cover of "Endless Summer, Book 2" appearing more like he does in the story.
  • He has shown to understand human speech as he easily obeys every order your character gives him and reacts whenever someone talks to him.

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