Florian Tartassis is a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series. He is a nobleman from Abanthus and has a close relationship with the ruling Nevrakis family. They even assigned him as regent of Ebrimel to rule the conquered Kingdom in Luther's name. He was first seen in Book 2, Chapter 4.


Florian has brown eyes, short, black hair and tan skin. He wears a grey robe with silver trimmings and glasses.


Florian was work-obsessed and a cold-hearted person who viewed everything in terms of efficiency and success. While he made sure they had food and shelter, he only gave just enough to make sure they kept working. He would quickly impose harsh working and living conditions if production was down for any reason, even cancel a traditional festival, placing the work ahead of everything else. He even dismissed Kenna's attack, more worried about losing a productive work day.

He was also very cautious. He imposed an order to keep all metal stored away under lock and key, preventing the citizens from being able to have, let alone make, weapons. He would even make surprise inspections to make sure everyone was working to his conditions.

While he was no warrior, Florian was a clever tactician and able to give effective and destructive orders to his soldiers. He was even prepared enough to have a back-up plan in case something went wrong.


Nevrakis Family

He is a nobleman from Abanthus. He seems to be particularly close to the ruling Nevrakis family. He was even made regent of Ebrimel and ruled the conquered kingdom in the name of Luther Nevrakis. This is saying something because Luther only put Family members in the other kingdoms he conquered like Stormholt and Bellmere.

Noa and Kailani Keawe

Florian has had an encounter with the Keawe twins during the first rebellion attempt. It scarred Noa and emboldened Kailani by the time Kenna first arrived. Since then, he either doesn't remember them or doesn't care since they have continued to obey and work since.

Kenna Rhys

Florian only knew Kenna by reputation, but was expecting her to eventually arrive. At first, he didn't recognize her when she was disguised, but when he did, he dismissed her immediately. Florian didn't want to waste time trading insults and viewed her attempt as wasting a productive work day.

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