Ex-Fiance is a character in the "Rules of Engagement" series. His suggested name is Trent but the player can choose a name for him. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Ex-Fiance has slicked back black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. Usually, he wears a white Hawaiian shirt. Violet (the malicious cousin) makes fun of his style, calling it "dad-chic".



Main Character

Ex-Fiance had been going out with Main Character for 5 years and had been engaged to her for 3 years, until she found him cheating on her with Sabrina and broke off the engagement. However, he joins the cruise and tries to get her back. His motivations increase when he finds out about her inheritance and tries to strike a deal with her to split the money 60-40 upon marrying her. He even ensnares her in a Cordonian marriage license, which was written in Greek--she didn't know it was a marriage license when she signed.


Ex-Fiance had an affair with Sabrina.


  • He was inexplicably written out of the series towards the end of Book 2.
  • He and Main Character met through an app called Cinder, the same app the LoveHacks Main Character used in dating three guys at once.

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