European Guy, a character in the "Rules of Engagement" series, is the former crown prince of Cordonia. He is one of the possible suitors for your Main Character. He is also Liam's older brother. His suggested name is Leo but the player can choose a name for him. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 6.


European Guy has short, light brown hair, light skin and blue eyes. Usually, he wears a blue button-down with a brown leather jacket.


European Guy is very adventurous. He and the Main Character enjoy trying new things and aren't afraid of getting in trouble.


Main Character

European Guy meets your Main Character in Athens, one of the stops of the cruise and they spend the day and the night (if you spend diamonds) in Athens together. He later joins the cruise to spend more time with her.


Bastien was European Guy's bodyguard who he is quite fond and close to.


Madeleine was European Guy's fiancee.

King Constantine

King Constantine is European Guy's father. Their relationship is one of mild-mannered mish-mash, primarily as European Guy does not wish to succeed Constantine as King of Cordonia.

Queen Regina

Queen Regina is European Guy's step-mother. Their relationship is very rocky, as Regina insists on interfering with European Guy's life, as she frequently tries to warn him off Main Character because she thinks she would make an insufficient bride for her son.

Prince "Liam"

In The Royal Romance, it is revealed that European Guy is Prince Liam's half brother who is next in line to the Cordonian throne after he refused the throne and abdicated.

Unnamed Mother

Leo's mother was the first wife of Constantine and the former Queen of Cordonia. She is from a noble family. She is currently alive but her whereabouts are unknown. Leo doesn't remember much about his mother since she left Cordonia because she can't handle the royal life.

If your MC married Leo, he will tell you that his mother wrote a letter to him. He wanted to meet her and it is up to your MC to tell Leo to reconnect with his mother or not.

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