"I spent years away from my only daughter, because I was too proud to admit a mistake."
--Enrique Vasquez
Enrique Vasquez, a character in The Freshman series, is a professor at Hartfeld and also a famous author. He made his first appearance in Book 1, Chapter 3.


Vasquez has slick black hair with some grey strands. His skin is tanned and his eyes are blue.


Professor Vasquez was stubborn. He never liked to admit when he was wrong. Considering he used his daughter Gabriela and Your Character for material for his books, it can be assumed Vasquez was not that brilliant of a storyteller, preferring to feed off the drama of his surroundings. However, beneath a complex of textbook narcissism, grandeur, no-nonsense behavior, and an iron heart, is a man who deeply regrets the things he's done in life, most vocally becoming estranged from his daughter. His vulnerable side shows itself more towards the end of his life, and Vasquez is ultimately a better person for it by the time of his death.


Your Character

"He wasn't perfect, but he was a good person. He gave me a chance when I really needed it." - Your Character about Vasquez in Book 2, Chapter 15


"He cares about you, and as illogical as it seems, he just wanted to spare you the pain." - Your Character to James about Vasquez in Book 2, Chapter 13
Vasquez is James' mentor.


Gabriela is Vasquez's daughter. During her sophomore year, she turned to her father for appreciation and support when she was experiencing difficulties however Vasquez used her story as an inspiration for his book "Winter in July". Feeling used and betrayed by her father, Gabriela ceased communication with him until Your Character intervenes. Throughout this period, Vasquez deeply regretted his decision and even intended on reconciling with his daughter. Gabriela however refused to hear his apologies for fear he would hurt her again. After she found out about her father's cancer, Gabriela softened up and began talking to him again. Two weeks later, when she gave birth to her son, Vasquez wanted to make amends with his daughter by handing the rights of "Winter in July" and the rights of her own story with them to her. Gabriela felt very happy about this. In his final days, she spent a lot of time with her father and improved their relationship.

Enrique "Rico" Vasquez II

Vasquez is Rico's grandfather. The author loves his grandson immensely and doesn't want to be taken away from him because of his cancer.


  • Of his work, "The Names of All Lost Things", "A Summer Without", "Winter in July" and are mentioned in the series.
  • Vasquez makes a cameo appearance in LoveHacks, Book 1, Chapter 3.