This page contains all the Embers of Hope found in Endless Summer, Book 3. Their purpose is to remind the Catalysts what they care about most and give them the strength and courage to fight against Rourke.

Embers of Hope found in Endless Summer, Book 3

# Name Ember Person Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Salvaged Photo
Salvaged Photo
Estela Montoya Beach 1 None

Flashforward: Estela's Tio Nicolas is typing on his typewriter and loses his place. Estela comes in with a new computer for him to write his memoirs on. She convinces him to take the computer and tells him that she is hoping to start a family.

2 Salvaged Book
Salvaged Book
Raj Bhandarkar Beach 2 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Raj is getting ready to host the newest episode of his cooking show "Bhandarkar Fills Bellies" with Craig as his co-host. He gets a call from Chris Winters asking him to cater his afterparty in Milan.

3 Salvaged Watch
Salvaged Watch
Sean Gayle Under Water 3 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Sean is getting ready for his 1st major league game but is secretly feeling insecure because he's afraid of living in his father's shadow. His mother comes in and gives him a pep talk about being a better man than his father.

4 Salvaged Ring
Salvaged Ring
Craig Hsiao Cave Under Temple 4 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Craig invites Sean over for a photoshoot for a video game that he is a developer for. Craig confides in Sean about his insecurities about being less successful than his friends. Sean tells him that he's come a long way since college and he shouldn't worry about being as successful as his friends.

5 Salvaged Action Figures
Salvaged Action Figures
Diego Soto Dead Forest 5 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Diego has written a bestselling book and is now a professor at Hartfeld. His father calls him to apologize for the way he's treated Diego in the past and tells him that he's proud of his accomplishments.

6 Salvaged Frame
Salvaged Frame
Grace Hall Rourke's Stronghold 6 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Grace is giving Michelle a tour of her art gallery. Blaire Hall shows up and makes several condescending remarks before Michelle encourages Grace to tell her off for her mistreatment of her daughter.

7 Salvaged Helmet
Salvaged Helmet
Jake McKenzie Rosencraft Manor 7 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Jake and Mike are testifying against Rex Lundgren to finally expose him as a criminal. To their delight, Lundgren is sentenced to spend 180 years in prison for murder, perjury, and committing a conspiracy against the United States government.


Salvaged Camera

PicsArt 03-03-04.50.40
Quinn Kelly Cliffs 8 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Quinn is invited to speak at an annual fundraiser for people with chronic illnesses hosted by her father. It is revealed that the organization has become extremely successful and Quinn's parents are on better terms with each other.

9 Salvaged Magazine Salvaged Magazine Aleister Rourke Chasm 9 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Aleister and Grace are married with a son named Reginald, whom Aleister sang a lullaby to while Grace was away at work. He promised to provide Reginald the love Aleister never had when growing up.

10 Salvaged


Michelle Ember of Hope Michelle Nguyen Elyys'tel 10 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Michelle is giving Sean's mother a checkup after she recently had surgery on her back. Sean walks in to formerly apologize to Michelle for not believing her when he had the chance, which she accepts.

11 Salvaged Tablet
Salvaged Tablet ES
Zahra Namazi The Celestial Rooftop 11 πŸ’Ž12

Flashforward: Zahra is at a an industrial-looking concert venue at Hartfeld and is singing a love song for Craig. Afterward Zahra says that since it's their anniversary Craig is getting a private concert later and that they're going to party "like there's no tomorrow."



  • The Embers of Hope are essentially the same as the Idols in Book 2: when the relevant Catalyst and your character holds them together, a vision of the future will be revealed.
    • If you end the story with Vaanu's Ending, all of these futures seemigly become true for the Catalysts.
    • While the Idols show various futures of the events on on La Huerta, the Embers show alternate futures where the Catalysts never went to La Huerta in the first place.
    • Also, while the Idol visions are only seen by Your Character, the Ember visions are seen by both you and the relevant Catalyst.
    • Unlike the Catalyst Idols, there are only 11. One for each Catalyst member except your own.
    • If you do not salvage an Ember of Hope, it will burn to ash.