This page contains all the Catalyst Idols found in "Endless Summer, Book 2".

Catalyst Idols found in Endless Summer, Book 2

# Name Idol Person Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Pavo Idol
Idol 1
Michelle Museum 1 None
2 Aquila Idol
Idol 2
Sean Western Rainforest 2 12 Diamonds
3 Canis Idol
Idol 3
Diego Ruined Temple 3 12 Diamonds
4 Proxima Centauri Idol
Idol 4
Raj Sharktooth Isle 4 12 Diamonds
5 Delphinus Idol
Idol 5
Quinn Manor 5 12 Diamonds
6 Andromeda Idol
Idol 6
Your Character Cetus's Esca 6 12 Diamonds
7 Cygnus Idol
Idol 7
Grace Elyys'tel 7 12 Diamonds
8 Corvus Idol
Idol 8
Zahra Forest 8 12 Diamonds
9 Ursa Idol
Idol 9
Craig Old Plane 9 12 Diamonds
10 Draco Idol
Idol 10
Estela Frozen Lake 11 12 Diamonds
11 12 Diamonds
12 12 Diamonds


  • The Catalyst Idols are very similar to the death totems in the game "Until Dawn". In both games, the artifacts show how someone in the group will die. The Player then has to make Choices based on that information.
  • Chapters 10 and 12 are the only chapters not to have any idols.
  • Thus far, the Pavo Idol is the only idol that doesn't need diamonds. (FREE)

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