This page contains all the Catalyst Idols found in "Endless Summer, Book 2".

Catalyst Idols found in Endless Summer, Book 2

# Name Idol Person Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Pavo Idol
Idol 1
Michelle Nguyen Museum 1 None

Flashback: Sean was tricked by Michelle's sorority sisters into thinking she cheated on him.

Flashforward: After blaming herself for Craig and Aleister's deaths, Michelle rides a sailboat to the sea, where she is likely killed by Cetus.

2 Aquila Idol
Idol 2
Sean Gayle Western Rainforest 2 💎12

Flashback: Sean took the blame for Craig when the latter accepted a free laptop, which would've compromised his position in the football team.

Flashforward: Sean charges the Sabertooth off a cliff to save Craig and Michelle.

3 Canis Idol
Idol 3
Diego Soto Ruined Temple 3 💎12

Flashback: None

Flashforward: Diego tries to save Varyyn from the observatory, but IRIS kills them both with machine guns.

4 Centaurus Idol
Idol 4
Raj Bhandarkar Sharktooth Isle 4 💎12

Flashback: Raj celebrated that he was taken off academic probation, which was slapped on him after he got a 100% on an exam. Even though his friends celebrated him getting off, even they didn't believe he hadn't cheated.

Flashforward: Raj has been working as chef for the increasingly unstable Rourke. When Rouke forces him to cook the fox , Raj refuses. After helping the fox escape, Rourke shoots Raj with a harpoon gun.

5 Delphinus Idol
Idol 5
Quinn Kelly Manor 5 💎12

Flashback: After feeling like her parents used her as a pawn in their own fight, Quinn met Grace, who told her that she will "be the queen she always carried inside her" (a chess analogy)

Flashforward: While celebrating Cetus's temporary defeat at Elyys'tel, Quinn goes into a coma (the final stage of her Rotterdam's Disease) in Your Character's arms.

6 Andromeda Idol
Idol 6
Your Character Cetus's Esca 6 💎12

Flashback: Your Character was helping the socially anxious Diego Soto prepare for a night out.

Flashforward: While covered in blood, wearing Jake's dog tags, and holding a shovel, your character backtracks into a cave to see graves containing the corpses of all eleven of your friends.

7 Cygnus Idol
Idol 7
Grace Hall Elyys'tel 7 💎12

Flashback: Under constant pressure to succeed, Grace's suppressed violent temper manifested whenever she was told that she could do better than her current efforts, as shown when she smashed her professor's car after he wrote a belittling remark on her exam.

Flashforward: In a fit of rage, Grace tries to smash a bomb Rourke planted in Mount Atropo, causing it to detonate and kill her.

8 Corvus Idol
Idol 8
Zahra Namazi Forest 8 💎12

Flashback: Zahra and Craig finally broke up after they drifted apart since Craig joined the football team.

Flashforward: For five years, Zahra served under Rourke as his security chief, but dramatically reveals that it was all a ruse to destroy Rourke from within, in revenge for Craig's death. As all of Rourke's facilities burn, he kills Zahra with a dagger as she shoots him.

9 Ursa Idol
Idol 9
Craig Hsiao Old Plane 9 💎12

Flashback: Shortly before boarding the plane to La Huerta, Craig received an email from the NFL saying that he was not drafted.

Flashforward: Craig helps the group escape from the Arachnids by holding the line, resulting in Fiddler choking him to death after he was punched by Tetra.

10 Draco Idol
Idol 10
Estela Montoya Frozen Lake 11 💎12

Flashback: Estela and Aleister briefly bonded over their mistrust of others.

Flashforward: After killing Lila in the Celestial's atrium, Estela tries to shoot Rourke, who turned out to be a hologram of IRIS. The real Rourke reveals himself shortly after and shoots her several times.

11 Lupus Idol
Idol 11
Jake McKenzie Lernaean Gate 13 💎12

Flashback: Jake and Mike were attacked and framed for Lundgren's illegal weapon deal, resulting in the latter's death.

Flashforward: 5 years after being captured by Rourke, Jake is freed during Zahra's revenge. Jake tries to save Your Character, but is killed by Mouse.

12 Serpens Idol
Idol 12
Aleister Rourke MASADA Research Facility 14 💎12

Flashback: Aleister told his father that he just received a scholarship but was promptly shrugged off.

Flashforward: In the Elysian Resort, Aleister is told about his father's death and the destruction wrought by Zahra. Your Character arrives and calls him out for betraying his friends before defenestrating him.



  • The Catalyst Idols are very similar to the death totems in the game "Until Dawn". In both games, the artifacts show how someone in the group will die. The Player then has to make Choices based on that information.
  • Each of the idols' appearances are based on the Hadean Zodiac sign of each person they are connected to.
  • Chapters 10, 12, and 15 are the only chapters not to have any idols.
  • The Canis Idol (Diego) is the only idol that doesn't feature a flashback.
  • The Pavo Idol (Michelle) is the only idol that can be obtained without spending diamonds.
  • Thus far, the future shown by the Delphinus Idol (Quinn) is the only future to come true in the game's timeline.
    • It is also, so far, the only future to happen regardless of the player's choices.
    • It should be noted that all the futures shown did come true, just in different timelines.
    • The future shown by the Canis idol (Diego) almost came true in Book 3, Chapter 6, however your character was able to intervene and prevent it from happening.
      • There were also several differences between the vision and the event, being that other people being present alongside Diego and Varyyn and Aleister being alive.
  • The Serpens Idol (Aleister) is the only Idol that shows someone's death being at the hands of another member of the group. In this case, Aleister is killed when Your Character pushes him out a window.
  • The Andromeda Idol (Your Character) is the only idol in which the associated character does not die or is not sent to their death.
  • Based on the dialogue within the visions, several different timelines are represented in the visions:
    • The Corvus (Zahra), Lupus (Jake), Serpens (Aleister) and Andromeda (Your Character) idols flashfoward to a future or futures where Rourke's operation is destroyed by Zahra and the deaths of the entire group can be traced back to Aleister.
    • The Pavo (Michelle) and Canis (Diego) Idols show futures where Aleister is dead before Michelle or Diego.
    • The Centaurus (Raj) and Draco (Estela) Idols show futures which feature a mentally unstable, half-naked Rourke.
    • Both the Corvus/Lupus/Serpens/Andromeda and the Pavo/Canis timelines occur after Craig's death, which is shown by the Ursa (Craig) Idol.
    • Aquila (Sean), Cygnus (Grace) and Delphinus (Quinn) visions don't seem specifically tied to any of the others.
  • The Cygnus Idol appears in Hero, Vol. 1, Chapter 11.
  • The origin and purpose of the Catalyst Idols is revealed in the epilogue of Book 2, which is unlocked if you collect all of the Idols.
  • The idols only work if the idols' corresponding members of the group are still alive.
    • The idols' visions also only activate if your character and the corresponding member of the idol are touching the idol at the same time.