This page contains all the clues found in "Endless Summer, Book 2".

Clues found in Endless Summer, Book 2, Act 4

# Clue Image Description Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Hydra Caduceus Hydra Caduceus A staff that can be used as a sundial Library 1 None
2 Crimson Glove
No image available
Severed off someone's body, theorized to be the Crimson Spacesuit Person's Museum 1 12 Diamonds
3 Shotgun Shell Shotgun Shell 12-guage armor-piercing shell casing for the USAS-12 automatic shotgun Riverbank 2 If the tough choice with Michelle succeeds
4 Snowy Hills
No image available
Snow on a sunny day and on a short hill. River 2 20 Diamonds
5 Wedding Ring Wedding Ring July 21, 1921 Ever After Pyramid 3 Spy on the watchers wearing the Camouflage outfit. Choose the "Cover the face" choice. If you pick the wrong choice, Jake will do it.
6 Tattoo
No image available
Legend of the Threshold, etched on Uqzhaal's back Uqzhaal 4 Right choice. Ask Uqzhaal about The Endless.
7 Words on The Wind No image available Voices at the beach Cliffs 4 20 Diamonds. Go to the Singing Cliffs with Sean or Quinn

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