This page contains all the clues found in Endless Summer, Book 2.

Clues found in Endless Summer, Book 2, Act 4

# Clue Image Description Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Hydra Caduceus Hydra Caduceus A staff that can be used as a sundial Library 1 None
2 Crimson Glove 20403494 10214264705635626 1244664497 n Severed off someone's body, theorized to belong to the Crimson Spacesuit Person Museum 1 Grab the glove (πŸ’Ž20)
3 Shotgun Shell Shotgun Shell 12-guage armor-piercing shell casing for the USAS-12 automatic shotgun Riverbank 2 If the tough choice with Michelle succeeds
4 Snowy Hills Snow Hill Snow on a sunny day and on a short hill River 2 Go with either Jake or Estela to the lake (πŸ’Ž20)
5 Wedding Ring Wedding Ring July 21, 1921 Ever After Pyramid 3 Spy on the watchers wearing the Camouflage outfit (πŸ’Ž25). Choose the "Cover the face" choice. If you pick the wrong choice, Jake will do it.
6 Tattoo Tatto Legend of the Threshold, etched on Uqzhaal's back Uqzhaal 4 Right choice. Ask Uqzhaal about The Endless.
7 Words on The Wind Words on the wind Voices at the beach Cliffs 4 Go to the Singing Cliffs with Sean or Quinn (πŸ’Ž20)
8 Musket Ball Musket Ball A solid ball of gold Sharktooth Isle 5 Right Choice. Tell Yvonne you want the ball and a share of the loot.
9 Antique Compass Antique Compass A beat-up compass belonging to Yvonne Jeweled Cave 5 Right Choice. Keep an eye on Yvonne in the Jeweled Cave.
10 Oath Blade Oath Blade Seraxa's obsidian dagger Elyys'tel 6 Get Taari out of the way when Cetus attack (πŸ’Ž17)

Clues found in Endless Summer, Book 2, Act 5

# Clue Image Description Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Silver Sap Silver Sap Sap from Elyys'tel's tree Root Burrows 7 None
2 Deep Fissure Deep Fissure The fissure that formed La Huerta Ancient Sea 7 Keep rewinding until you can't go anymore.
3 The Island's Heart The Island's Heart One half of the Island's heart Elyys'tel 8 None
4 The Mask Maker Mask Maker A Vaanti mask Beach 8 (πŸ’Ž20) and win the match
5 Burning Shard Burning Shard A crystal fragment Bunker 9 Right choice. Poke the shard.
6 Mansingh Crate No image available Cargo from Mansingh Transglobal Tech Chasm 9 Play through the chasm while wearing the Chill Out outfit (πŸ’Ž25)
7 Newspaper Clipping
A news report of a drunk driver killing an entire family in a van except for a four-year-old girl Elysian Lodge 10 Help Craig and Zahra with the cables (πŸ’Ž18)
8 Rourke's Note No image available A note from Rourke regarding a new junior researcher Elysian Lodge 10 Invite a love interest into the room Diego suggested (πŸ’Ž20)

Clues found in Endless Summer, Book 2, Act 6

# Clue Image Description Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Rourke's Plan Rourke plan clue ES2 Rourke's purported plan to fix the world's problems through a machine at the MASADA facility Lila 11 Right choice. Ask Lila, "What could possibly be worth all of this?"
2 Tracking Device No image available An Arachnid tracker planted on the yeti Yeti 11 Let Quinn tame the yeti (πŸ’Ž18)
3 Garbled Message Garbled Message Coordinates pointing to Jake's location Humvee 12 Right choice. Pick >>anon_transmission.
4 Crashed Satellite No image available A crashed satellite Varyyn found during a meteor shower Varyyn 12 Tell Diego to talk to Varyyn (πŸ’Ž18)
5 Omega Mech No image available Olivia Montoya's demonstration of the destructive effects of the Omega Specimen Visualizer 13 Right choice. Pick a reflective skyscraper while using the VR headset.
6 Missing Guests No image available The guests of the Celestial kept inside pods Stasis Lab 13 Get the laser cannon (πŸ’Ž18)
7 Charred Skeletons Charred Skeletons clue ES2 Skeletons found in the ruins of Hartfeld Hartfeld 14 Get the Andromeda Armor (πŸ’Ž25).
8 Havana Cigar Havana Cigar One of Lundgren's cigars where it shouldn't be, indicating his mistrust of Rourke MASADA 15 Blow this place sky-high (πŸ’Ž18)