This page contains all the clues found in "Endless Summer, Book 1".

Clues found in Endless Summer, Book 1, Act 1

# Clue Image Description Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Tranq Dart Tranq Dart Tranquilizer Dart Airstrip 1 None
2 Strange Creature Strange Creature Multi-colored seahorse with wings Beach 1 Premium choice
3 Weird Lights Weird Lights Strange captivating lights Control tower 1 Premium choice
4 Vintage Wine Glass of Vintage Wine Bottles of wine dating pre-1924 Ballroom 2 Right choice (Accept the Wine)
5 Sharp Tooth Sharp Tooth A foot long tooth Pool 2 Right choice (It's okay to keep it, I trust you)
6 Old Note Old Note An old yellowed slip with worn edges with beautiful looping writing and sealed with a kiss Rainforest Suite or Honeymoon Suite 2 Premium choice
7* Pirate Coin Pirate Coin A gold coin with a skull and swords imprint Waterfall 3 Premium choice
7* Wolf Symbol Wolf Symbol A steel sign with a wolf symbol embedded into the stone Cliff 3 Premium choice
8 Shoe prints
No image available
Muddy shoe prints which appear recent Shelter 3 None
9 Gas Mask Gas Mask Gas mask that looks like it's from around the First World War Cavern 5 Right Choice (Hang on, followed by Keep Your Grip)
10 Padlock
No image available
Padlock to the hangar Burning Hangar 5 Premium choice

*The player can find either the Pirate Coin or the Wolf Symbol in Chapter 3 as they are two branches of a choice.

Clues found in Endless Summer, Book 1, Act 2

# Clue Image Description Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Cufflink
No image available
Everett Rourke's cufflinks Rourke's Office 6 Right choice (Investigate with Sean, followed by What did you just hide from us?)
2 Dossiers Dossiers Files on Sean, Grace, Raj and Estella Rourke's Office 6 Premium choice
3 Whiskey Notes Whiskey Note A note most likely left by Everett V.I.P. lounge 7 Premium choice
4 Frying Pan Frying Pan Frying pan with a strange symbol on it Kitchen 7 Raj needs to like Your Character
5 Arrowhead Arrowhead Amber arrowhead lodged in King Crab's shell Mountain Pass 9 Premium choice
6 Dossiers Dossiers2 Files on Jake, Diego and Zahra Observatory 10 Premium choice
7 Strange Gun Futuristic Weapon A futuristic gun Observatory 10 Estela needs to like Your Character
8 Star Map Star Map A map on a wall in the pod Observatory 10 Premium choice

Clues found in Endless Summer, Book 1, Act 3

# Clue Image Description Location found Chapter found Requirement
1 Dossiers Dossiers3 Files on Quinn, Michelle and Craig Marina 11 Premium choice
2 Rourke's Ship
No image available
The remains of Rourke's yacht, Daedalus Marina 11 Correct choice
3 Plastic Explosive Bomb A Semtex explosive used to defeat the Sea Monster. Speedboat 12 Premium choice
4 Strange Shell Strange Shell Shell that repeats one's words Beach 12 None
5 Telepathic Vision Watchers' Communicating Communicating with the "Watchers" Beach 12 Premium choice
6 Numbers Numbers

Code to open the secret underground tunnel and a cheat code for the arcade game

Wine Cellar 13 Premium choice
7 Dossiers Dossiers4 Files on Your Character, Aleister Security Center 13 None
8 Healing Plant No image available A leaf that immediately recovers a wound in less than a minute Rooftop 14 Premium Choice
9 Necklace Necklace Necklace that can cause you to time travel Bedroom 15 None
10 Pirate Cutlass Pirate Cutlass Brand new pirate sword that can help fight Watchers, dates from 1693 AD. Hallway 15 Premium Choice

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