Elena, a character in "Rules of Engagement" series, is Brother's assistant in his law firm. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 8.


Elena has long, dark brown hair which is tied up in a pony tail. Her eyes are hazel and her skin is dark. Usually, she wears a red dress.


Elena is very perceptive and attentive, especially to Brother. She usually can tell what he's thinking or what he needs.



In Book 1, Elena and Brother have a working relationship. However in Book 2, following the progress of the story, their relationship soon develops into a romantic one. Depending on preference, in Book 2, Chapter 18, the player can choose to use diamonds to unlock a romantic, intimate scene featuring the two of them at a couples' getaway island. In Chapter 19, Brother tells her that he loves her.


Elena is Brenda's daughter.

Other Looks


  • Elena is allergic to flowers and strawberries.
  • Her favorite animal is a kitten.

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