Drake is a character in "The Royal Romance" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Drake has wavy brown hair, wheatish skin and brown eyes. Usually, he wears a blue shirt over a white T-shirt.


Drake's personality is one that you may consider "common", because, well, he is a commoner. He holds cynical views of society, and his friendship with a member of the Cordonian royal family appears mismatched. Drake is also very snarky, as he addresses Your Character with her surname and often makes sarcastic comments towards others. This careless approach to life could be hiding a dark secret. Therefore, one could compare his personality to that of Jake from the Endless Summer series.


Prince Liam

Liam and Drake have been friends since their childhood. Liam asked Drake to keep an eye out for Your Character during the Derby.

Main Character/Riley

At the start of the story, Drake seems to dislike Your Character and tends to say rude things to her. He keeps his distance but at the same time, looks out for Your Character as a favor for the Prince. Your Character eventually grows on him and he starts trusting and liking her more. He is one of Your Character's potential love interests.

Later on (Chapter 13), in the story he reveals that he has feelings for you but keeps you at arm's length because he knows that you were there for the Prince.


Maxwell is one of Drake's friends.


Savannah is Drake's sister.

Other Looks


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