Dominic Hunter is a fire-user, a Stormholt scout, and one of the main characters in "The Crown & The Flame" series along with Kenna Rys. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Dom has short, brown hair, light skin and blue eyes, and has a fire brand on his chest. He is toned and physically fit. According to many, Dom is very handsome. In his dragon form, he has light blue scales with white spikes adorning his body, two horns facing backwards, massive light blue wings with a gray underside, and shiny dark blue eyes.


Dom is kind and friendly, and also fiercely loyal to his friends. He is usually a calm and patient person but will be easily angered if someone hurts his friends, especially Kenna. He can also be a bit of a playboy (as seen from many of his possible choices when playing as him); according to Trystan, Dom has charmed into his room many willing ladies from the Tavern. Despite this, his heart truly belongs to Kenna. It is still the player's choice if they become more than friends or not; however, regardless of the player's choice, he will always love Kenna one way or another.

Dom has a good heart, as he was driven with guilt and anguish upon seeing Annelyse after he was forced to burn down most of Aurelia.


In Book 3, Chapter 6, it is revealed he is the son of a Fydorian noble and an inhabitant of the Blackspine Mountains who has the power of fire. His father died shortly after he was born and his uncle accused his mother of being a witch or a demon and that she killed her husband with magic. She refused to be tried for a crime she did not do and fled Fydoria. She ended up in Stormholt but was killed by assassins sent by Dom's uncle.

According to Gabriel, he was abandoned in Stormholt as a child, covered heavily with burns, and grew up with Rose and Trystan Blake as one of the castle workers. He met Kenna at the Beltane Festival.


Fire Magic

As the son of a Blackspine woman, Dom has access to pyrokinesis. While initially unaware of this ability until Luther's invasion of Stormholt, Dom has the power to conjure blue fire from his hands, fueled initially and solely by rage. He is able to create small red wisps of fire involuntarily whenever he is angry, and after focusing his energy, can blast massive fireballs. After training with Sei (but before meeting Anu), his pyrokinesis improved to being able to split and shape fire into tendrils, and controlling heat remotely and absorbing it.

Dragon Transformation

After "completing" his training, Dom has the ability to transform into a massive dragon and back to human voluntarily. This form provides him flight, superhuman strength and durability, sharp talons, and the ability to exhale bluish-white fire. His power was amplified to the point where he could annihilate several airships with his breath.

The only drawback of this ability is that it has a time limit, draining Dom or any other user of energy if used extensively. His inexperience with reverting back to human led to Dom's capture by Hex.

Limited Heat Immunity

Dom, like other fire magic users, cannot feel nor be hurt by heat below a certain temperature, and this immunity is dependent upon their endurance and strengthened through training: the higher the temperature, the harder it is to resist. For instance, Dom cannot feel the bonfire he set up for his makeshift replica of the Beltane Festival. He is able to withstand at least temperatures as hot as lava. 

Weapons Training

Dom also has had extensive training in wielding weapons, seeing that Kenna has not bested him "in over six summers".


Friends / Love Interests

Kenna Rys

Kenna is Dom's first childhood friend, and he displays great loyalty towards her. He views her as a very close and dear friend, constantly worrying about her during her exile and becoming horrified and ashamed of himself after he accidentally burned her with his own fire. He is also one of her love interests. It's up to the player if Kenna and Dom become more than friends. In Chapter 17 of Book 3, if he is not chosen by Kenna as her betrothed, he does not start any relationship with any of his potential love interests despite it.

When he is with her, he is portrayed as having a very casual and even childish behavior toward the queen, which she reciprocates. Even after having married Kenna (via player's choice), he still retains his close and playful attitude towards her, seen near the ending.

Rose Blake

Dom and Rose are good friends, and she helps him on his mission against the Nevrakis. She has a crush on him, and he will accept Rose's feelings if the player chooses to. Rose does not appear in Book 2, and no matter the player's choices, in Book 3, Shadow Rose reveals that Dom and Rose are not a couple.

Sei Rhuka

Despite her initially cold demeanor towards him, Dom warms up to Sei in the dungeons. The player can choose to flirt with Sei but she will seem unresponsive to his advances. She is shown to care for him in her own way, as shown after Anu failed him during training and after he was captured in the Battle of the Bay. She is one of Dominic's potential love interests.

Will Jackson

The player can choose to pursue a sexual tryst with Will Jackson after he expresses his feelings for Dom in Book 3, Chapter 14.


Margaret Blake

Margaret rescues Dom from the Nevrakis soldiers by introducing his as her son. He takes her as his mother and grieves deeply upon her death.

Trystan Blake

Dom regards Trystan as his brother and good friend. After Margaret's death, Trystan is scared that Dom will put Rose in a dangerous situation, so he turns on Dom and gives him up to the Nevrakis soldiers.

Anu Rhuka

Anu is Dom's mentor. Based on the player's choice, Anu can be an ally in Book 2. If the player does not recruit Anu, Anu is said to be disappointed in Dom.

Raydan Lykel

Raydan found a book in the library of Fydoria about Dom's parents. He can leave it or keep it (diamond). If he keep it, he will give it to Dom and he will thank him.


Dom seems to be good friends with Whitlock.


Bartel Gremly

Bartel is responsible for killing Dom's pet hawk when Dom tried to deliver a warning to Kenna. He was later burned to death by Dom when he threatened to kill Rose.

Prince Marco Nevrakis

Dom despises Marco for chasing after Kenna's head during her exile.

King Luther Nevrakis

Likewise, Dom hates Luther as he is the principal cause for the deaths and suffering of his loved ones, and he took it upon himself to figure out what his plans for Kenna are.

Empress Azura


Fydorian Book

Arden and Idara

Lord Arden Alcantar

Lord Arden is implied to be Dom's father. In Book 3, Chapter 6, Raydan stumbles upon a book about Fydorian nobility while researching in the library of Fydoria. Lord Arden is the eldest son of a wealthy and influential Fydorian noble. He met a mysterious woman named Idara while in a hunting trip to the Blackspine Mountains. They married and later bore a son. He died shortly after and his brother accused his wife of casting a spell that killed him (which is implied to be a plot to get Arden's inheritance and titles rather than be passed on to his son). While there is no definite illustration of him in the story, Raydan comments that "he looks exactly like Dom".


Idara is a mysterious woman hailing from the Blackspine Mountains and the mother of Dominic Hunter. Like Sei, Anu, and Anton, she possesses the power of fire which she passed on to her son, and, according to Sei's explanation, she is the one who etched Dom's brand onto his chest. She married Lord Arden Alcantar, a man from a distinguished noble family in Fydoria. Their happy life together came to a crashing halt after Lord Arden died shortly after the birth of their son. Arden's brother accused her of killing him with witchcraft. Refusing to be tried for a crime she never did, she fled Fydoria for Stormholt along with her infant son. Unfortunately, assassins sent by her husband's brother caught up to her and she was killed shortly. It's unclear where she left Dom and how he ended up under the care of Margaret Blake.

Other Looks


  • Dom is shown on the cover of "The Crown & The Flame, Book 1", "The Crown & The Flame, Book 2" and "The Crown & The Flame, Book 3". (Dom appears in his dragon form on the covers of Books 2 and 3).
  • Dom makes a cameo appearance in The Freshman, Book 3. This incarnation, however, is simply a Hollywood actor playing Dom, as The Crown and the Flame is a popular TV series in other Choices stories. Although as friendly as the real Dom, the actor is a stereotypical SoCal personality, showing a liking for fad diets and ridiculous superfoods.
  • He bears a resemblance to actor Bradley James.
  • It is revealed by Kenna that as a child, Dom was once bullied by a guard's son named Caleb, who abruptly stopped after Kenna threatened to have him executed.

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