Dog is a character who appears in "Most Wanted" series, "Rules of Engagement" series, High School Story, and "#LoveHacks" series.

Most Wanted

He appears in Most Wanted, Book 1, Chapter 7, when Dave and Sam search Tull's trailer in Green Palms Trailer Park. They save him and Officer McKenzie suggests to Dave that he should keep the dog.

Rules of Engagement

He appears in Rules of Engagement, Book 1, Chapter 7. He is a birthday present for Claire Pierce, who gets out of his gift box and goes into the kitchen looking for food. Party-Girl Sister tries to put him back into his box while Carter distracts Claire.


He appears in LoveHacks, Book 1, Chapter 5.

High School Story

He appears as Payton's puppy, Puppy, in Pet Day in Book 2, Chapter 2.

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