Dinesh, a character in the "Rules of Engagement" series, is a lawyer and the executor of Nana's will. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Dinesh has slick black hair, stubble, dark skin and brown eyes. He wears a beige three-piece suit with a white shirt and yellow pocket handkerchief.


Dinesh is professional, as is expected of a lawyer of his status. However, he is considerate when dealing with sensitive issues, such as the handling of the Main Character's Nana's will, of which he is the executor.



Dinesh is Nana's lawyer and responsible for carrying out her will. It's implied Dinesh was hired by Nana only a short time before her death.

Nana's Relatives

Nana's living relatives - Brother, the MC, Bookish Sister, Party-Girl Sister, Aunt and Cousin - all come into contact with Dinesh at some point. The MC forms a platonic friendship with Dinesh, with the latter often offering his advice to her. Both Aunt and Cousin are at times hostile to Dinesh, though he doesn't return the favour.


Kevin is Dinesh's boyfriend. He appeared in Main Character's wedding with Dinesh as his date. They attended Main Character's housewarming party in Newlyweds, Chapter 5.


  • Pixelberry gave him the same appearance as Tariq, a character from "The Royal Romance" series.
  • His name implies that he is of Indian descent as his name 'Dinesh' translates to sun and his last name 'Singh' is a common last name in North India which translates to lion.