Dax, a character in the "Hero" series, is an engineer at Prescott Industries. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Dax has black eyes, black hair and dark skin. Usually, he wears a lab coat over an orange striped T-shirt.


He is a funny guy, but acts in a very awkward way sometimes. He is fascinated with Superheroes and Supervillains.


Your Character

Dax and Your Character are friends and coworkers. He is very supportive of your career as a Superhero.


It is heavily implied that Dax does have a crush in Poppy since the first chapter of Book 1. This is shown when he gets jealous when Poppy is flirting with Skylar. They currently have a negative relationship due to his reluctance to ask her out and her flirting with other guys. He flirts with his co-worker, Hazel, at the grand reopening of Prescott Industries to make Poppy jealous.


Other Looks


  • He shares several similarities with the Arrowverse character Cisco Ramon: Both are socially awkward, both are engineers, and both give nicknames to Supervillains based on their powers or themes.