Darren, a character in "The Freshman" and "The Sophomore" series, is an upperclassman at Hartfeld and a member of Hartfeld's football team "Knights". He's got his first appearance in Book 1, Chapter 5. In Book 3, Your Character (The Freshman) can help him begin a relationship with Amara.


Darren has short, medium brown hair, light skin and blue eyes. Usually, he wears a red football trikot with a white twelve on the forefront and white and black stripes on the side.


Darren is very friendly and handsome. Even though he's the star of the football team, Darren is a down-to-earth guy.


Chris & Logan

I love the team. Those guys are my brothers. - Darren about Chris, Logan and the other football players in Book 1, Chapter 5

Chris and Logan are Darren's football buddies. They're coming along very well. In Book 2, Chapter 14, it's mentioned that Darren and Logan are also roommates as Chris tells he'd spend the night at their place.


During the events in Book 1, Darren used to have a crush on Kaitlyn. Because she's into girls (and is in love with Your Character), Kaitlyn doesn't feel the same way but she trusts Darren enough to tell him about her feelings and confides in him. Darren is very understanding and acts like a real friend. If Your Character rejects Kaitlyn, she and Darren will go to the formal together.


Darren and Madison were dating for a week, but it didn't work out. So they stayed friends.


She's... really special. Totally different from all the girls I know. - Darren about Amara in Book 3, Chapter 8
Darren meets Amara at her band's gig. The Main Character can help them begin dating.

Other Looks


  • He bears a resemblance to actor Seann William Scott.

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