Cyrus, a character in the "#LoveHacks" series, is one of the founders of PicTalk and one of the Main Character's dates. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 10.


Cyrus has blue eyes, black hair and tan skin. He wears a black suit with a white shirt and a blue pocket handkerchief.


Cyrus is very arrogant and blunt, shown when he mocks Dani's order at the restaurant and his repeated compliments of her dress. He is also ruthless, having stolen the idea of PicTalk from someone else because he "codes way faster and better". He often talks in slang terms.


Your Character

Your character went on a date to a restaurant in Italy with Cyrus for her article.


  • He looks like Reza Fassihi, a character in the "Most Wanted" series.
  • He makes a cameo appearance as a VIP at the French film festival in Rules of Engagement, Book 3, Chapter 7.
  • Cyrus has a personal driver and multiple private jets.
  • It is implied that the person Cyrus stole the idea of PicTalk from filed a lawsuit against him.
  • Cyrus revealed that he was a member of the Rho Gamma fraternity, a reference to the game Hollywood U.