Constantine, a character in the "Rules of Engagement" and "The Royal Romance" series, is the King of Cordonia and European Guy's and Prince Liam's father. He made his first appearance in Book 2, Chapter 10 of Rules of Engagement. .


Constantine has fair skin, grey eyes and graying hair.




Regina is Constantine's third wife.

European Guy

European Guy is Constantine's eldest son.

Prince Liam

Prince Liam is Constantine's second son.


  • He bears a resemblance to actor Rupert Everett.
  • In TRR Book 2, Chapter 12, it's revealed that Constantine has an aggressive form of lung cancer and is dying. Subsequently, this is also revealed as the reason why he abdicated the throne in favour of Prince Liam, which in turn indicates Constantine as being behind the plot against Your Character.
  • The name "Constantine" is used by several Byzantine Emperors. This could be the writer's inspiration in naming him.