Cole is one of the main characters in the "#LoveHacks" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Cole has black eyes, short, cropped black hair and dark skin. He wears a moss green checked shirt and a grey tie.


Cole is extremely confident, once telling Sereena, "You're just jealous...[of] everything about me". He always goes for what he wants when he wants it. He is calculating—usually the first one to come up with a plot for when something needs to be done. Even when his schemes give every indication that they won't work, he trusts in his abilities and follows through anyway. He is observant, having recorded Mark's "patterns" and Brooke's "sphere of prettiness". Despite their differences, Cole is a loyal friend to Mark, and wants to see him happy with the right girlfriend. He is also a loyal friend to the rest of the gang. He is accepting, and welcomes your character into the group when he sees the goodness in her.

Cole is an entrepreneur and creates apps based on seemingly silly ideas that work. From this, we can tell that he is crafty and intelligent.

He is openly bisexual, often seen flirting with any man or woman in his vicinity.



Cole and Mark are roommates and close friends. Mark often berates Cole for his wild ideas, but in good nature. They are used to each other's antics and look out for each other. They have their own seven-part secret handshake, self-proclaimed theme song, and secret code.

Amir Hakimi

Amir is Cole's business rival. They first met while Cole was under his alter-ego Hidalgo. They immediately have intense chemistry. If the player chooses for them to go out with each other after their first meeting, Amir shows his admiration and respect for Cole's work in the industry throughout the date. Depending on the player's choices, they will start dating or just remain acquaintances.

Main Character/Dani

Cole learns about Dani through Mark in Chapter 1. He is friendly towards her and accepts her into the group as they all get to know her. Dani calls him and Mark dorks.


Cole and Sereena are friends. As they declare themselves the "irrational" members of the group, they enjoy making trouble without thinking the consequences thereof, as when they crashed Leah and Camilla's dinner. The two have a penchant for teasing each other, with Cole joking about Sereena's short fuse and feminism, and Sereena joking about Cole's entrepreneurial eccentricity.


Cole and Brooke are friends. Cole was the one to coin the term "sphere of prettiness" in relation to Brooke's effect on people. The theory turns out to be accurate, much to Brooke's chagrin.


Cole and Horatio are friends. Cole and Sereena are usually the first ones to poke fun at Horatio's hipsterness. It was originally Cole's idea to help Horatio find a date, and it is from Cole's point of view that the player can choose to encourage Horatio to ask out Tara. Cole admits that Horatio's rage is terrifying, and tries to exploit this rage on others to get desired effects.



  • Cole is shown on the cover of "#LoveHacks, Book 1".
  • He bears a resemblance to actor John Boyega.
  • In Chapter 11, if the player decides to talk to Ben about Cole, Main Character realizes she doesn't know Cole's first name; he goes by Cole because it's short for his surname, and all anyone knows is that his first initial is 'C'.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 12, it is revealed he calls his phone 'Simon'.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 17, it is revealed that his first name is Clarence.
  • Of the many apps Cole has created, the four named are BeerMe, PlaceHolder, PastryDash, and FriendlerZoom Premium Edition: Free.
  • Pixelberry's blog states that his name was originally supposed to be Cole Minor as a play on words of "Coal Miner" before it was vetoed for obvious reasons.