Cole is one of the main characters in the "#LoveHacks" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Cole has black eyes, black hair and dark skin. He wears a moss green checked shirt and a grey tie.


Despite their differences, Cole is a loyal friend to Mark, and wants to see him happy with the right girlfriend. He is also a loyal friend to the rest of his friend group. He is very accepting, and welcomes your character into the group. Since Cole makes money by creating apps, we can assume that he is very intelligent.

Despite Cole's intelligence, he doesn't seem to be very good at plotting; his plot to break Mark and his girlfriend up doesn't work without your character, and his plot to learn about his competition doesn't go completely according to plan.

He is openly bisexual.



Cole and Mark are roommates.

Amir Hakimi

Amir first met Cole in person. He admires Cole and starts a relationship with him. Depending on the player's choices, Cole and Amir will start dating or just remain as acquaintances.

Other Looks


  • Cole is shown on the cover of "#LoveHacks, Book 1".
  • In Chapter 11, if the player decides to talk to Ben about Cole, Main Character realizes she doesn't know Cole's first name; he goes by Cole because it's short for his surname, and all anyone knows is that his first initial is 'C'.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 12, it is revealed he calls his phone 'Simon'.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 17, it is revealed that his first name is Clarence.
  • Pixelberry's blog states that his name was originally supposed to be Cole Minor as a play on words of "Coal Miner" before it was vetoed for obvious reasons.