No. You are NOT my Empress.You're just a...a bully. And if you want to kill Kenna and all these people, you'll have to go through me!
— Clover[1]
Clover Hapley, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is Azura's handmaiden. She is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 1.


Clover has red hair tied in a short ponytail, bluish-grey eyes, and fair skin sprinkled with freckles. She wears a pink and silver dress with floral patterns paired with silver earrings and necklace.


Clover is a very humble and obsequious woman, always wanting to be of help to whomever she serves. She is optimistic and cheerful, viewing her fate of offering her soul to Azura as a very honorable use of her life, as well as ignoring Zenobia's insults as she serves the latter during Kenna's dinner with the Nevrakis, and instead throws her off by complimenting her hair. She uses polite and very respectful language to anyone she speaks to or about anyone she mentions.

Clover is also helpful, volunteering to assist in any way she can, such as when she served wine during Kenna's dinner due to a shortage of staff, and offered to help Annelyse with the infirmary during Stormholt's confrontation with Ducitora. After her defection to Kenna, Clover displayed genuine disgust of Azura, realizing that the empress cared only for herself, and was adamant in staying at Stormholt despite the danger. In addition, she is also selfless, standing between Kenna and Azura when the latter cornered the former, despite knowing that she stands absolutely no chance against the tyrant.


Empress Azura

Clover is a handmaiden to Azura. She is servile to the point of being blind to her tyranny until she joins Kenna. However, should she join Kenna, Clover will start to see how psychotic Azura is and was.


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