Clarissa is a character in The Haunting of Braidwood Manor series. She is first seen in Chapter 2.


Clarissa has brown eyes and fair skin. Her hair is long, Brown and wavy. She wears a blue dress.


Clarissa is a cheerful and optimistic teenager. Just like Simon, she greets Your Character to the manor warmly. In Chapter 3 it's revealed that she enjoys poetry and has a crush on a boy in town named Edmund who she wants to send a poem to, but always chickens out. Clarissa is the only younger sibling that is cautious about how long they've been in the manor. She comments in Chapter 3, that she hasn't seen the mailman in forever. If Your Character says they prefer girls, Clarissa is not scandalized by it and still asks for help with her poem.


Eleanor, Thomas and Simon

Eleanor is Clarissa's elder sister. Thomas and Simon are her younger brothers.


A boy from town that Clarissa likes. It is revealed in Chapter 3 that she writes him poems to express her feelings toward him but always chickens out before she sends them.

Rose Waverly

Rose Waverly is Clarissa's mother. She poisoned her own daughter along with her two younger sons in order to protect them.

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