Claire, is a recurring character in the Rules of Engagement and The Sophomore series. She is the daughter of billionaire and owner of the Ember Of The Sea cruise liner Bartholomew Pierce. Moreover, she is also a student at Hartfeld and a member of the Kappa Phi Sigma sorority. She is first seen in Rules of Engagement, Book 1, Chapter 7.


Claire has light skin and brown eyes. Her hair is long, blonde and wavy. She wears a pink T-shirt.


Claire is very self entitled and treats most people as though they are beneath her. She is used to getting her way and doesn't react well when she's told no.


Bartholomew Pierce

Bartholomew is Claire's father. He's a wealthy and respected man.

Antoine Pierce

Antoine is Claire's uncle.


Carter meets Claire at her birthday party. She's very attracted to him and always tries to get his attention. Carter thinks that Claire is the most frightening teenage girl he's ever seen.


  • Claire makes a cameo appearance in The Freshman, Book 3, Chapter 4 and also in The Sophomore, Book 1 and Book 2
  • Pixelberry gave her the same look as Theresa Holland, a character in the "Most Wanted" series.
  • She makes a cameo appearance in Red Carpet Diaries, Chapter 10 as one of your character's fan.
  • Several fans originally believed that she was Becca's younger sister due to their similar appearance and bratty attitudes. This was debunked when Becca's last name was revealed to be Davenport.