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"Fall in love, solve crimes, or embark on epic fantasy adventures in immersive visual stories where YOU control what happens next!"

Welcome to the Choices: Stories You Play Wiki - the fan-made wiki for the mobile game, Choices: Stories You Play. This is a mobile game created and released on Android, and iOS devices. It was designed and produced by the Pixelberry Studios. Join us now in this ever expanding community and fan base. We currently have 317 articles and 762 files. This Wiki is administrated by WolfOfWinterfell.

About the Game

One choice can change everything! Fall in love, solve crimes, or embark on epic fantasy adventures in immersive visual stories where YOU control what happens next! Current stories include:

THE FRESHMAN: Welcome to Hartfeld University! You'll make friends for life, and maybe even find true love. Will you date bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris... or all three at once?

THE CROWN & THE FLAME: Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now the time has come for you to raise an army, master magic, and reclaim your crown!

MOST WANTED: The heat is on when a no-nonsense Texas Marshal and a Hollywood detective are thrown together to stop a deranged hitman. Can you catch the killer?

...PLUS 5 new stories and more COMING SOON! Stories updated weekly !

Latest Releases

Chapter 18 - To Be a Princess

The RR Book 1 Promo

The Coronation Ball comtinues! Can you sustain your fairytale rise, or will you slip at this crucial moment? READ MORE

Chapter 11 - 11 Signs You Grew Up With An Older Sibling

LoveHacks, Book 2 promo

You and Leah head to LA, while Mark deals with an unexpected, and unwanted, guest. READ MORE

Chapter 8 - The Bachelorette

Rules of Engagement, Book 3 promo

It's time for your bachelorette party! You and your girls go out for a night on the town... while the guys are in for a surprise of their own. READ MORE

Chapter 7 - Everything at Once

Endless Summer, Book 2 Promo

With Quinn on the brink of death, your only hope to cure her is hidden in a surreal parralel world. Will you find your way back in time? READ MORE

Chapter 5 - Party Up

The Sophomore, Book 1 promo

You and your friends throw your first house party! Can you impress your guests with your hosting skills? READ MORE

Chapter 5 - Heat Wave

Hero, Book 1 promo

A new villain emerges to threathen your city's safety... are you up to the challenge? READ MORE

Promotional Video

Choices Stories You Play Launch00:25

Choices Stories You Play Launch

Which new book are you more excited about?

The poll was created at 07:17 on July 12, 2017, and so far 422 people voted.
In our last poll, most chose Diavolos to lead the Nevrakis army.
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