Chelsea, a character in The Sophomore and The Junior series, is a student at Hartfeld University and a member of the Kappa Phi Sigma sorority. She made her first appearance in Book 1, Chapter 9.


Chelsea has fair skin, green eyes and brown hair. She wears a blue dress.




Manny was Chelsea's boyfriend. Manny appeared to make a lot of sexist and perverted digs at her, causing them to get in arguments. In The Sophomore Book 1, Chapter 14 they broke up. Manny continued sending Chelsea texts through various social media sites after their break up, leading Chelsea to go to Zig for help.


Chelsea and Madison are in the same sorority of Kappa Phi Sigma. She seems to be the vice president of the sorority in The Sophomore books because it looks like she's in charge of the sorority rush week with Madison. However, she acts bossy towards Madison.

Your Character

Depending on the player's choice, Chelsea and Your Character can have a few arguments when she stands up for Manny to defend him from Zig. This made Chelsea hate your character more. In Book 2, Chapter 9, Your Character bonds with Chelsea and helps her and Zig get Manny kicked off the football team and suspended.


Teddy mentions that he has hooked up with Chelsea after a party promoting Kaitlyn's band in The Sophomore, Book 1.


Chelsea and Zig attend the same dance class. They end up becoming really good friends and they both confide in each other about their experiences with Manny.