These are the series released in Choices.

The plots of these series are listed below:

  • The Freshman: A romance story surrounding a young woman who attends a very prestigious college and encounters numerous challenges in life and love as she coasts her way through school. (4 books, completed)
  • The Crown & The Flame: A fantasy story following an exiled princess and her supernatural companion as they attempt to take back the former's stolen kingdom. (3 books, completed)
  • Most Wanted: A crime story about two crime-fighters who reluctantly band together to solve crimes in modern-day Los Angeles. (1 book, on hiatus)
  • Rules of Engagement: A romance story about four siblings and their cousin on their attempt to complete the tasks set for them in order to gain their recently-deceased grandmother's inheritance, while facing many trials and tribulations along the way. (4 books, completed)
  • Endless Summer: A mystery-romance story following a group of people left trapped on a Caribbean island and becoming entangled in an extremely complicated power game concocted by a ruthless businessman. (3 books, completed)
  • LoveHacks: A rom-com story surrounding a group of friends in 21st-century San Francisco. (2 books, completed)
  • The Haunting of Braidwood Manor: A one-shot mystery story following a woman who attempts to uncover the secrets of a seemingly abandoned estate in order to resolve herself of her brother's suicide. (1 book, completed)
  • The Royal Romance: A spin-off of Rules of Engagement, the story follows a woman who's life is completely turned around when she's selected to compete to be the bride of a prince from a foreign country. (3 books, in progress)
  • The Sophomore: A continuation of The Freshman, following the MC from that series as she enters her second year of college, facing yet more trials and tribulations in her life. (2 books, completed)
  • Hero: A superhero action-thriller about a mysterious being who gains supernatural abilities after a freak accident and who fights to bring down a business tycoon bent on world domination. (2 books, on hiatus)
  • High School Story: A high-school plot surrounding a teenager who makes their way through high school life, encountering all sorts of challenges along the way. (3 books, in progress)
  • It Lives In The Woods: A horror story based on a group of estranged childhood friends who have to come back together to stop a horrifying being from murdering people in their local town. (1 books, completed)
  • Home for the Holidays: Welcome to Winter Haven! Who will you kiss under the mistletoe... your workaholic boss, your high school sweetheart, or your childhood friend? (1 book, completed)
  • Red Carpet Diaries: A story revolves around a young woman who recently moved to Los Angeles from Iowa to start her career as an actress. (2 books, in progress)
  • Perfect Match: A young man/woman believes that they meet their ideal partner through a dating service, but soon come to realize everything is not as it seems. (2 book, coming soon)
  • Bloodbound: A heroine who must navigate the dark world of elite New York City vampires will uncover a vast and terrifying conspiracy. (1 book, in progress)
  • The Junior: A continuation of The Sophomore, following the MC from that series as she enters her third year of college. (1 book, in progress)
  • Veil of Secrets: Your best friend vanished without a trace on the day of her wedding! Search the town of Birchport to solve the mysteries, but be careful... everyone has a secret. (1 book, in progress)
  • America's Most Eligible: Battle it out in a reality TV show to determine who is most eligible! Create alliances, make enemies, even fall in love... the choice is up to you! (1 book, coming soon)