These are the series released in Choices.

The plots of these series are listed below:

  • The Freshman: A romance story surrounding a young woman who attends a very prestigious college and encounters numerous challenges in life and love as she coasts her way through school. (4 books, completed)
  • The Crown & The Flame: A fantasy story following an exiled princess and her supernatural companion as they attempt to take back the former's stolen kingdom. (3 books, completed)
  • Most Wanted: A crime story about two crime-fighters who reluctantly band together to solve crimes in modern-day Los Angeles. (1 book, on hiatus)
  • Rules of Engagement: A romance story about four siblings and their attempts to complete the tasks set for them in order to gain their recently-deceased grandmother's inheritance, while facing many trials and tribulations along the way. (4 books, completed)
  • Endless Summer: A mystery-romance action thriller following a group of people left trapped on a Caribbean island and becoming entangled in an extremely complicated power game concocted by a ruthless businessman. (3 books, in progress)
  • LoveHacks: A rom-com story surrounding a group of friends in 21st-century San Francisco. (2 books, completed)
  • The Haunting of Braidwood Manor: A one-shot mystery story following a woman who attempts to uncover the secrets of a seemingly abandoned estate in order to resolve herself of her brother's suicide. (1 book, completed)
  • The Royal Romance: A spin-off of Rules of Engagement, the story follows a woman who's life is completely turned around when she's selected to compete to be the bride of a prince from a foreign country. (2 books, in progress)
  • The Sophomore: A continuation of The Freshman, following the MC from that series as she enters her second year of college, facing yet more trials and tribulations in her life. (2 books, in progress)
  • Hero: A superhero action-thriller about a mysterious being who gains supernatural abilities after a freak accident and who fights to bring down a business tycoon bent on world domination. (2 books, on hiatus)
  • High School Story: A high-school plot surrounding a teenager who makes their way through high school life, encountering all sorts of challenges along the way. (2 books, in progress)
  • It Lives In The Woods: A horror story based on a group of estranged childhood friends who have to come back together to stop a horrifying being from murdering people in their local town. (1 book, in progress)
  • Red Carpet Diaries: You've just arrived in Hollywood. Fame, fortune, and romance await! And… is that superstar Chris Winters over by the pool? (1 book, in progress)
  • Home for the Holidays: Welcome to Winter Haven! Who will you kiss under the mistletoe... your workaholic boss, your high school sweetheart, or your childhood friend? (1 book, in progress)
  • Perfect Match: An exclusive matchmaking service guarantees that they can find your perfect match. But is true love too good to be true?
  • Bloodbound: You're applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines... but there's more to him than it seems. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller!

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