Cassandra "Cass" Leigh, a character in "Most Wanted" series, is a famous actress. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 5.


Cassandra has brown eyes and long, black hair. She has pale skin and wears dark lipstick. She wears a green dress and long earrings.


Cassandra is a generous and helpful person. She has done many philanthrophic activities outside of her acting career, and is training to be a pilot.


Dave Reyes

Cassandra and Dave are grade school friends and they grew up together in Vermont Square in South L.A. Even after Cassandra became a famous actress and Dave a detective, they stayed friends.

Samantha Massey

Sam stays at Cassandra's place during the events of the book and is a big fan of her work, not just as an actress but also as a philanthropist. Cassandra comes to like and respect her, and they become friends.


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