Brooke, one of the main characters in the #LoveHacks series, is a personal trainer and Main Character's roommate. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 2.


Brooke has blue eyes, long, wavy blonde hair and fair skin. She wears a tank top.


Brooke is a cheerful and bubbly person who loves hugging other people. She is very friendly and gets along with everyone.


Main Character/Dani

When Brooke first meets Dani, she immediately hugs her. Brooke convinces Dani to become roommates with her and Sereena.


Brooke and Sereena are roommates. Despite their differences, they get along well. She helps Sereena get a job at her gym.


Mark and Brooke are close friends.


Horatio and Brooke are close friends.


Cole and Brooke are close friends. It is mentioned that the first time they met, Cole thought of Brooke as a pretty girl.


Keo is Brooke's husband. They met when there was the fire at The Double Tap. The couple got married in Las Vegas.

Other Looks


  • Brooke is shown on the cover of "#LoveHacks, Book 1".
  • She bears a resemblance to actress Eloise Mumford.
  • She is allergic to puppies.
  • Like Madison, her personality is based after the stereotype that blonde girls are dumb.

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